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  1. John

    "Definitely. My only concern is the Hunter isn't exactly a team player."


    "Okay, so they want my help dealing with Dagger and you think it's a good idea?" Dylan nodded. "We can handle it ourselves, Dylan. We don't need another organization to deal with."
  2. "Lucius has been ignoring his problems far longer than she has.
  3. Belle

    She nodded and leaned back in her seat "We can manage without him. We just need to reroute out plotting."
  4. “Ahhh...” Alena moan louder, “Yes... right there..” she gave him a slight smirk, “You choose a corrupt angel to corrupt further, that’s not proof.” Her pussy tightened more as her climax drew closer.
  5. "They won't."
  6. "I'll save you."
  7. “Doesnt have to be a comfortable one.”
  8. "She'll be fine, she can take it."
  9. Alexander kept thrusting against her weak spots as one hand gripped her hair
  10. Astaroth chuckled and caved. "Fine." Astaroth pulled up between her legs and began licking again.
  11. Belle

    She grinned and snapped her fingers, then proceeded to point at him "Pretty much."
  12. Belle

    She glanced downwards as he reached for her hand. She squeezed his "Do you think Hawthorne will pester us about us?"
  13. "To see him, or for him to take you?"
  14. Astaroth kissed Ashley's forehead.
  15. "I'm happy to see you too."
  16. In the end, this'll just prove who I am., that's all.
    Like I've said before...
    "Life is just a masquerade, and the only difference between people is how well the mask fits."
  17. Late in responding but Kitti loves Mikun and if he ever needs to talk, I think he knows my email .
    Sorry I couldn't be here at the right time....