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I'm having an issue with figuring out the type of government I want for my world. It takes place among a series of islands, 18 of them to be exact. I'm torn between having all 18 islands a part of the same country and ruled by a council of 7 people (original idea) or have each one be their own country with their own government? OR have them group off into 7 countries and have each one be a member of an overall council type thing?

Some things about the world is its populated by dragons and it does have magic. Not everyone can use the magic though.

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Aim to keep realistic to the world you are in.
You say they have limited magic? How limited? Do they have transportation or telepathy spells?
Stuff they can use to easily govern separate entities?

Would they have a reason/benefit to being together or apart?

Also be aware that the more you diversify the more effort you will need to invest to create each government.


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The magic they have isnt very strong. It can only be used to tame dragons, beyond that it makes humans a bit hardier and what not but thats it.

The islands arent a small group either, they're fairly large and spread out, if that helps any.
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