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  1. It had been two years, and 3 months exactly since the government had failed. Twenty-Seven long, gruesome months. Most of the population had turned bat-shit, as well as the people, teaming up to preform mass murders,robbing local stores, even killing their own sons and daughters. It was all a will of survival now..

    Nix sat on top of a single story building, watching the sun climb over the trees to lighten the city that laid before her. She pulled her back pack closer, laying her head on top of it for comfort as she yawned sleepily. It was a wonder how she had survived this long, being basically defenseless and all. Well not completely, she had her street smarts, which consisted of a small amount of suck-ass hand to hand fighting techniques, and everything she knew about wilderness survival. Sitting up Nix sighed and rose to her feet. 'Time to head out' Was her thoguh as she scanned over the city one more time.
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  2. Bradley was walking through the city, looking for some food, perhaps a place to sleep for a bit.
    Everything went so fast, he had no idea what would be next, but he had to survive.
    The part in his head that said 'it gets better.' Was way too strong.

    He sighed and after a while found a abandoned shop.
    He decided to go through it's inventory.
    He was going to to fill up his bag, so he didn't have to look as much as he had to before he found the shop.
  3. Nix hopped down from the building, which she now recognized to be an old house, she thought for a moment before checking her surroundings and putting her hand on the knob, trying to open the front door. Seeing that it wouldn't budge, she backed up slightly, and with some force she popped the door back. Flinching at the loud noise she cursed and quickly got inside, closing the door and hoping no one was around to notice. Her heart beat quickly as she waited by the door, listening for any sounds to come from inside the house.
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  4. Bradley filled up his bag, he took mostly cans that he could warm up with the help of a bit of fire. As he looked through he found 3 big torches, some head lights and a load of batteries for everything.
    He smiled and chuckled "aye, this is awesome. Professional gear.. These torches light up miles in front of 'm." He looked further and found some lighters, he put the batteries and lighters in the small pockets of his bag.
    He heard a siren go off, and hid underneath parts of what once was a counter, blending in completely.
  5. Nix heard the sirens and cured. "Fuck!" She slammed the door shut to the house as she heard the sirens draw closer. Running through the kitchen she grabbed a long cutting knife and ran into the bedroom she located at the end of the first hall as the sound of the front door caving over filled the house, she slid under the bed, breathing heavily.
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  6. Bradley listened closely, the sound of the sirens stopped, he didn't move.
    His heart beat fast, he heard foot steps at the door.
    He closed his eyes and remained still.
  7. Nix quieted down when she head a couple pairs of footsteps stomping around the house, and muffled voices. Her heart beat quickly in her chest and she gripped the knife.
    She knew she had to move, and had to move now, like right now. Sliding out from under the bed in one movement she ran to the door of the bedroom, nearly colliding with one of the attackers. Without thinking she brought the knife down to his chest, and watched as the blade plunged in with ease, nearly yelping in pain herself. Despite feeling nauseated, she ripped the knife from his chest and hurled for the front door as he screamed in pain.

    With all the Adrenalin running through her body, she moved quickly. Surprising herself that she actually made it to the front door. Without stopping to hesitate she shot out of the house, and made it a few steps before a sharp, strict pain exploded in her left shoulder, causing her to trip over her own legs and fall to the ground. She glanced at her shoulder, seeing the imprint of a bullet wound. She cursed and stumbled to her feet, shuffling away from the house fairly quickly and into the forest behind it.
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  8. Bradley stayed quiet, nobody had touched the door, they actually passed it.
    He opened his eyes and looked around, he saw a small door in the ground. He moved slowly grabbed some bottles, stuffed them in the bad with the food and made his way to the door, he opened it and looked down, it was a hideout, pretty useless if you asked him.

    He closed it and made his way upstairs, he looked out of the window and saw some people walk away, he took a deep breathe "god.. That was close." He mumbled as they turned around the corner.
    He stood there for 20 minutes, and as nobody returned or passed he decided it was safe for him to go. He walked downstairs and as he went for the door he saw some guns and ammo he grabbed one of the guns and put 2 rounds in his pocket, he slid his bag off and filled it up with the guns and and ammo. He loaded the gun he had in his hand and put his bag back on.

    He opened the door, checked the street and started moving further through the city.
  9. Nix cursed quietly in her head and she moved along, it had been 10 minutes since she heard shouting voices of angry men, but she still kept moving, holding her arm. She glanced at it again, blood soaked her skin, and her shirt. She sighed and stopped, ripping off the bottom half of her shirt and trying it over the wound, hoping to stop the bleeding. She nearly screamed out in pain, but kept her mouth shut.
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  10. Bradley moved along quite well.
    This was the first day where he didn't have to spend hours in the same place.
    He found guns, food, drink, torches lighters, batteries and even bandages and alcohol to clean the wounds he might get in the future.
    He was a happy man in these dark times.
  11. Ten minutes passed since she tore her shirt to cover her wound. Ten minutes ago she was fine. Now she stumbled to the ground, dizzy and nauseous. Her breathing felt more labored, and her head ached like never before. She groaned, and closed her eyes. When she tried to open them again, she found that she couldn't. Instead her head spun itself into what semed darkness as she passed out on the hard rocky ground.
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  12. When bradley found an old apartment block on the outskirts of town, he decided to stay there over night. He went through a metal door and when he closed it, he noticed double locks, nobody would get through these.
    He smiled and locked the door, he looked around the room, and laid grabbed some of the blankets, he laid on the couch and went to sleep, quite content.
  13. Nix slipped in and out of consciousness a few times, not really able to think for a few minutes until she finally came to again. She needed to go find help, she stumbled back into the town cautiously. " Hello?" She called out weakly.
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  14. Brendan had woken and stood on a balcony, looking over town. He had no clue where to go in the morning, but he knew that somehow he would get out of here.
  15. Nix coughed loudly, almost falling to her knees as they began to weaken." Anyone? Someone?" She called louder, this time she fell, blacking out as she hit her head against the pavement.
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  16. Bradley heard a voice crying out for help..
    He opened the door and started making his way down, he knew he had to be fast.
    He saw a girl laying on the floor in the middle of the street.
    He looked around, rushed over and tried to help her up.
    He noticed her arm was hurt and decided to lift her up "I got you." He carried her back inside and went back to the room, he laid her down on the couch and rushed to lock the door. He started making a safe fire to heat her up. He grabbed the alcohol and bandages.. He unwrapped her shoulder and inspected the wound. He searched for some tissue and covered it with alcohol.
    "This is going to hurt." He said as he gently cleaned the wound, when he finished he wrapped it with a bandage and he covered her in the sheets.
    "Rest, you are safe now."
  17. Nix hardly moved, all she knew was that she was being lifted, and hearing a blurry voice, then a small numb sting, then nothing. She had a dreamless sleep, that seemed to last forever before a huge pain in her head seemed to bring her back. She groaned softly, the pain getting worse.
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  18. He looked at her and tried to understand what was going on, he felt her pulse, checked her temperature and observed her behaviour.
    "Can you talk?" He asked concerned
  19. Nix coughed lightly" Yeah" Her voice was weak, she didnt dare open her eyes or try to sit up, fearing shes black out again.
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  20. He took a chair and sat next to her "what's wrong? Do you need any medication? Food or drink?"
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