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  1. Hi! I'm looking for someone to do a monster/paranormal/supernatural themed roleplay with me. I play any and all genders, I don't mind the gender of the opposing character. I post roughly 1-2 paragraphs but I don't mind doing shorter posts. I'm sorry but these plots won't be romance orientated or have really any romance at all in them.
    Not Human
    A pair of paranormal investigators from a secret secret division are sent to find, report, capture, and research a variety of strange creatures. From shapeshifters to wendigos to strangely gifted humans and anything in between, they're forced to deal and contain such creatures.

    Unlike the Rest
    Teenagers and young adults are captured by the government because of their genetics. People are developing strange powers that can cause death, destruction, and even the collapse of society and all of it can be traced back to genetic mutations. A special unit is used to find and contain the people with these powers. The unit is made of unlikely who remained relatively stabled through the coming of their powers, who must hunt their own kind.

    Either PM or comment if you're interested! Also, if you have any RP ideas along these lines that you want to do, PM and I'll be pretty much down for it because monsters.​
  2. Oooh I'm interested in "Unlike the Rest"
  3. Awesome! Do you want me to PM you so we can discuss plot and characters??
  4. Yeah ^^
  5. Still looking!!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.