Gotta Catch Them All: A Story about Monsters and STDS [ZenxChoi]

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  1. Goldenrod City - The Radio Tower

    Pools of water rested in alleyways, dumpsters, and depressions throughout the city. It was a souvenir of the recent flooding, brought on by a mysterious force. Litter was abundant, collecting into piles around the corner of streets and buildings. Bodies of both human and Pokemon were being disposed of by the citizens of Goldenrod. They would be identified, buried, and then the clean up of the city would begin. Until then, the heavy, stifling scent of rot mixed with salt water and sewage would remain.

    Ava pressed her handkerchief further up her nostrils, swallowing her bile.

    A lean and athletic woman, Ava was dressed for travel. Clad in durable jeans stained with dirt, a button down plaid shirt, and a fraying scarf, the mocha skinned woman looked out of place in this city. A huge camping backpack was sitting by her feet, guarded by her Evee, Precious. The fox like Pokemon sat stoic, brown eyes looking towards the group of cleaners who were wrapping bodies in canvas cloth to be carried away to the Pokemon Center.

    The flooding had only affected the slums, and aid was slow to come. The Radio Tower, which was where Ava was waiting, was desperately sending out reports on the damage. It was a wonder the thing was still operating, although Ava suspected that it wasn't just a human effort; some of the Pokemon had come to help.

    The woman looked down at her watch, and sighed.

    "He's late."

    Precious looked up and flapped an ear in retort.

    "I know, I shouldn't be surprised." The woman heaved another sigh, clicked her tongue, and flipped out her Pokedex. It was an ancient device, showing its years with various scrapes and scratches. Its beeps and clicks were muffled and distorted, but the woman didn't seem bothered by it.

    A sharp bark made Ava look up. A silhouette of a figure come towards them, outlined by the setting sun. She shaded her eyes, and squinted. Precious barked and darted away; Ava remained standing by the side of the Radio Tower. She wondered if the man had any news for them, along with food.
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