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  1. First and foremost I am looking for a Pokemon roleplay. What I'm looking for in the Pokemon roleplay is descriptive combat, meaning you don't just go "PIKACHU IRON TAIL!" and it's a critical hit and boom, fainted opponent's pokemon. What I'm looking for is that you actually describe how the move goes, like "Pikachu's tail began to glow with the gathered power and he slammed it across Bulbasaur's face" and etcetera. Also, no limits on the amount of moves, meaning no such thing as 4 moves maximum and else you have to delete a move and etcetera.

    I will be playing a male character and I would like my partner to play a female character too. Although I prefer the person playing the female character to be herself female, I don't mind if you're male in real life too, so yeah. I hope to include romance in the plot, as two people who started off on a journey together and romance begins to develop between the two. The way we meet can be flexible, we can be childhood friends, or we can be rivals that bump into each other over and over again and etcetera. You don't need to be a trainer - I will be a trainer, but you can be a breeder or whatever you want. I would prefer that our roleplay has smut inside, but not at the start. It can be further down, far far down in the roleplay and the smut can be a plot candy that the both of us enjoys.

    I would expect my partner to have good grammar in his or her posts and can post at least one paragraph. Sometimes, when I'm feeling out of it I will also post one paragraph but normally I will be happy with 3-4. I don't wish to write a wall of words for every post in the roleplay, but I can if you are really interested in this roleplay with me. Again, I must re-emphasize that good grammar and spelling is a MUST!

    Thank you.
    Love, XC.
  2. I'm in! IS there any rules for WHAT pokemon you're allowed to have? (I.E. First gen, second, black, white?) Personally, I love the first 151, but after that, a lot of the newer pokemon are lost to me... and would it be in this chat or PM?
  3. I'd rather do the rp on the forum, since our inbox has limits. And no, no restrictions on pokemon!