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  1. Emberlynn looked up at the sky. Taking a deep breath in, she let it out as she sat up. Today was the day of the tournament. It wasn't going to be a long tournament and it was a very exclusive tournament only entry being from recommended sources. She received hers from her friends dad who was a gym leader. Ember let out her party so they could practice before the tournament. As she threw them all in the air, she shouted with excitement "come on out!".

    Out came 5 of her most prided partners with one being out by her side already. Her first partner being Lucas, her brave and very intelligent Lucario, named after her brother who died when she was young. Jolt, her Jolteon who never went into a pokeball. He was super fast, intelligent and always loved being near Emberlynn at all times. Then a Gyarados head appeared above her. She looked up and pet the giant fish pokemon. He was her dad's. This Gyarados was given to her when she first became a trainer about 2 years ago. Then appeared a weavile. It was a very independent soul, only doing what it saw would benefit it at the time. Next to the weavile appeared a Fit and energetic looking Scyther. He was indeed energetic and fun, always looking to make his trainer laugh. Last but certainly not least was her Houndoom. Very loyal, this pokemon is always obedient and listens without question. With this team, she knew she could win, however, she still didn't know the limit of pokemon you could use, if there was one. She guessed she would find out when that time came, but for now, she started looking around her at all the trainers, analyzing their training techniques and stealing the techniques she thought would be useful to start training with her own. As she analyzed the trainers, there was one trainer who stood out. She could barely see this trainer, but from what she could tell, they looked strong.
    This tournament would definitely be fun!
  2. "Here Rapidash. This'll fill you up." Aaron said, feeding a few pellets to his strong and beautiful Rapidash. He ate it with purpose and then neighed with glee at the taste of it. "See? I told you." He then felt something tugging in his pant leg and saw Marill trying to get his attention. "Don't worry Marill. I haven't forgotten you." He said, handing her a bowl of pellets to eat. The Marill took it with a smile and ate while smiling. He thought then that he should be getting everyone something to eat and took out his other four Pokemon. "Let's go guys!" He yelled, throwing them all out. Pillowswine appeared first with all his hair blocking his eyes. He was normally the most tired of his Pokemon but today he seemed pretty pumped. Next was Arcanine with his fur all brushed. He was the biggest of his Pokemon, but also the childish one of the group. Leafeon showed up next with her tail wagging in a snottish manner. She did belong to his mother for a long time, but since the recent cancer death, she came into Aaron's possession. Aaron loved her snob manner because it reminded him a lot about his mother. And finally, Manetric who appeared ready to take risk and have fun. "Who's hungry?" Aaron asked and set down bowls as all of the gathered for the feast. Aaron knew that he was unstoppable with this team.
  3. Emberlynn continued to inspect the prospects around her. One trainer in particular caught her eye. He was very good looking and charming, not to mention his pokemon team looked very well trained. As she observed his behavior, it mirrored hers a lot. He looked like he was best friends with his pokemon and that was a good sign to her. A trainer that respected his or her pokemon was a trainer to watch out for because those pokemon would perform to there best for their trainer.

    She pulled her pokemon food out of her back and tarted laying out for them to eat when they were done practicing. They just play battled each other, practicing their speed, power, accuracy and defense. After about an hour of training, she called them over to eat, which they happily did. While they were eating, she walked the short distance to where this trainer was. She wanted to meet him and see what his demeanor was. Tapping his shoulder, she smiled so that if he turned, he'd see, hopefully, a trainer who was as enthused about pokemon as she was.
  4. After Aaron had fed all his Pokemon, he started looking through his pokedex. He wanted to make sure that his Pokemon were up to the levels they were suppose to. He loves his Pokemon so much that he did a lot of research so that they could be the best they could be.
    Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder, at first he thought it was Arcanine wanting more food. Without looking up from his pokedex, he turned and started to talk. "Arcanine, you've had enough for lunch." When he didn't hear a response, he looked up and realized that it was a girl standing in front of him. "Oh! Sorry. I thought you were one of my Pokemon." He said, putting the pokedex away. "Um, hi. Can I help you?" He asked. She was cute to him and that made him want to know who she was.
  5. Emberlynn smiled.

    "I just couldn't help but notice how well you take care of your Pokemon. They all look so well trained and groomed to perfection! I was just wondering, what do you do to help them be like that? You see, I love my pokemon and I try to make them the best they can be, but, I am just not quite there yet! Any pointers you can give me? Oh and I was going to ask you, are you entering the tournament? Cause if you are, I was just going to ask if you knew if there was a limit on the pokemon we can use or not..."

    Emberlynn hoped she wasn't being too nosy, she just sincerely wanted her pokemon to be the happiest they could be! Not that they weren't happy, but she just wanted to improve the way she raised them so they could be at optimum health and happiness!
  6. As Emberlynn talked, Aaron was trying to keep up with all she was saying. He wasn't use to talking to humans that much cause most of the time he was with his Pokemon. After she finished, he thought for a minute if there was a limit on Pokemon. "Um......I don't think there is a limit. If you want to make sure, you should talk to the officer up front." He pointed up where the officer would be. "And as my Pokemon go, I treat them as my family 24/7. They're like my sisters and brothers that I need to take care of so I treat them as I would if they were human. Can I ask where your Pokemon are?" He asked, very interested. He wanted to meet and know all about the Pokemon in the world since his only family was taken away from him.
  7. Emberlynn kept her smile.

    "Sure, I can show you! Come with me!" Taking his hand, she lead him over to her Pokemon. Lucas immediately got defensive. Emberlynn put a hand on his shoulder.
    "It is ok Lucas. He won't hurt us.He just came by to say Hi!" Lucario eased up, bowing slightly.

    "This is Lucas! Jolt is my Jolteon whom I started my journey with. Then over here is Gyarados, Weavile, Scyther and Houndoom! Say Hi everyone! " They all said their hellOs in their own way.
    "Treating them like family is genius. I never thought of that! I don't mistreat my Pokemon by any means, but like family? That is awesome!"
  8. "Thanks." Aaron took a glimpse at her Pokemon. "They all look well kept and trained. Especially your Houndoom. I haven't seen one like him in a long time. Or she." He was being wary of what he said. He usually said the wrong thing when meeting new people.
  9. "Nope, you got it right the first time. It is a he! And thanks! I try my best to take care of them, but I only ever treat them as friends. Not that that is a bad thing, but treating them like family is something I might try. I think it will give them a new look on life I think. Oh and thanks for your advice! I'll go sign in now! It was great to meet you...Ummm...I never got your name! I'm Emberlynn. You?" She held out her hand in a gesture of good will.
  10. Aaron blink a few times at her talking. She talked really fast so it was a little hard to keep up with what she was saying. "Aaron." He said, taking her hand and shaking it gently. "It's nice to meet you too Emberlynn." He could tell by her personality that she was a spunky girl that probably liked to have lots of fun which Aaron saw nothing wrong with that. He was more of a laid back guy.
  11. Emberlynn shook his hand. "Aaron, huh? Great to meet you! I hope we battle in the tournament!" She waved and gathered all her pokemon, leading them to the gate where you checked in. As she neared the gate, a whole slew of trainers waited. Looked like she picked the wrong time to sign up! After waiting for about an hour, she was finally able to check in, seeing who she was battling in the prelims. It was another female trainer by the name of Diana. However, she had a feeling that it wouldn't be that hard to battle her. It was 30 minutes or so before her first match. So before her match, she started the process of healing and preparing her pokemon. At that point she wondered what Aaron was doing to prepare for his battle.
  12. Aaron had already signed up for the battle before the big crowd came in. He learned his lesson of being early a long time ago. He found out he was battling a guy named Felix. Taking a glance at him, he was more of a rock type Pokemon trainer. He thought that Marill and Pilloswine would be his best Pokemon for the match. He gathered his Pokemon a little aways from the group and started to train Marill and Pilloswine in their water and ice moves. He didn't put away his other Pokemon because he wanted them to learn as well by watching.
  13. Looking at Diana's pokemon again, she could see that this person was a steel type user. It looked like Houndoom and Lucario would be the ones she was mainly going to use. Taking them out, she began getting them ready for battle by mock battling each other before the match. She had returned Gyarados cause he was kinda big to be out in the tournament hall and Jolt was already out so he was watching anyway. More like family, how could she do that? Family supported each other right? So she sent out Scyther and Weavile so they could watch the mock battle. 10 minutes before the battle, she called in her pokemon, healing them and prepping them. As soon as it was her turn to go out, she walked out to the field, facing Diana. The starter bell rang and she sent out a Steelix right off the bat. Emberlynn smirked. She sent out Lucario.

    "Lucas, agility!" Lucas dashed forward, upping his speed. The Steelix countered with a screech to slow him down, but it didn't work on Lucas, it didn't slow him down.
    "Now Lucas, Use Aura Sphere!" Jumping up, He quickly shot an aura sphere at the steelix throwing it off balance, but it quickly countered with a bind, grabbing Lucas and squeezing him tightly.
    "Lucas, you have him right where you want him! Aura Sphere again!" This time, it was an Aura Sphere to the face. Steelix fell after that hit.

    After that first battle, it wasn't hard for her to win. She had sent out a Skarmory which Lucas easily took out and then after that she sent out a Scizor which was unusual for her, but that didn't throw her off. She sent out Houndoom and took care of Scizor, although Houndoom did take a ton of damage. IT looked like 3 pokemon were max she could use per battle. That first battle was easy. Her next battle would not be for another hour so she decided to go spoil her pokemon and treat their wounds before their next battle.
  14. "Aaron, please report to field 3. Aaron, please report to field 3." The announcer said this message over the intercom. Aaron looked at the time with a puzzled look and then realized he was late. "Whoops." He said, packing his items quickly into his bag. Once he was finished, he placed it on his backpack and hurried to the field with his Pokemon in tow.

    Once he arrived, his opponent made a remark of him finally showing up. The red could see that he had six Pokemon out and told him that only three are allowed. "Yes sir. The rest will sit on the side as the audience." Aaron told him. The ref tried argue, but when Aaron asked why would it be a problem, the ref couldn't give an answer.
    "Let's get this over with. Go Graveler!" The man yelled, throwing out a pokeball. A huge boulder like Pokemon came out with a low bass voice. Aaron looked back and decided to send Marill out first. "Go on Marill!" Marill slowly walked out to the field, scared. Rapidash, Manetric and Arcanine cheered from the sidelines. After the ref began the match, Felix started off with Graveler rolling at Marill. Aaron called out Water Gun but Marill was too scared to attack. "Marill! Come on! You can do this!" Aaron called out, wanting her to do her best. However, Marill was just like a little baby. "This will be too easy. Tackle!" Graveler ran at Marill but at the last second, Marill jumped into the air. "Bubblebeam!" Aaron yelled and she let out a ray of bubbles. The attack knocked out Graveler. The other Pokemon cheered for the victory.
    Felix sent out a Tyranitar. This caused Marill to run to Aaron and hug him in fear. Aaron reassured Marill and called out Pilloswine. Tyranitar immediately performed Rock Slide and Piloswine used take down on all the rocks that came his way. Then he used Blizzard which caused Tyranitar to go powerless. The next match up was Onix and Leafeon. Onix used his tail whip but Leafeon used her quickness to jump on top of his tail and run to his face to perform razor leaf. The ref called the victory to Aaron and him and his Pokemon cheered with a big group hug.
  15. After grabbing something for her Pokemon, Ember hurried to catch the last bit of Aaron's battle. He really knew how to use his pokemon tactfully. She liked this. It would be tough battling him. It had been about 40 minutes since she last battled and her pokemon were all healed and ready to go. She left the stands after Aaron's battle and decided to get a look at what trainer she would battle next. Looks like he was a Flying type trainer. These type trainers were all too easy to defeat. Emberlynn always kept with her many different types for the type trainers she battled. Many different kinds usually lead to having at least one or 2 pokemon that are strong against that type. So looks like she'd be using Weavile, Jolt and Gyarados. She pulled them out and had them start mock battling each other to prepare for the battle. After about 15 minutes, she healed them and headed to her battle.

    Stepping out onto the field, the flying type trainer sent out his first pokemon, which was a Fearow. This would be all too easy! She sent out Weavile.
    The bell rang for the battle to start.

    "Alright Weavile, let's start this off with a quick attack! Weavile quickly dashed at Fearow, slamming into it. But this gave fearow a chance to attack. The fearow countered with a wing attack sending Weavile flying back. No matter. Weavile was the second fastest pokemon of hers next to Jolteon. Weavile, use quick attack to get close to Fearow!" Weavile closed in on Fearow fast.
    "Now, use Ice beam!" Weavile fired an ice beam as fearow tried to dodge but to no avail. It wasn't as fast as her Weavile. Fearow fell. Weavile sauntered over to Emberlynn, proud of it's victory. She hugged the small black pokemon, patting it's head. "Well done Weavile. Take a good rest" Calling it back in, the flying type trainer already had his next pokemon out, a Pidgeot. Oh this would be way too easy! She sent out Gyarados. Pidgeot got things started off with a quick flying aerial ace. Predictable
    "Gyarados, catch that pideot with your mouth."
    Gyarados watched the pokemon, and just at the right moment, caught Pidgeot right out of the sky. Emberlynn laughed.
    "Ice Beam Gyarados" Gyarados fired a point blank Ice Beam, knocking the Pidgeot out cold. She walked over to Gyarados patting it's back.
    "Well done my friend. Come in for a good rest!" calling it back in, she ushered jolt to take the stage. Jolt ran out onto the field, ready to go.
    The flying type sent out his last pokemon, Noctowl. She would really have to utilize Jolt's speed for this battle. Noctowl fired out a hypnosis.
    "Close your eyes Jolt!" Jolt quickly shut his eyes, the hypnosis missing. Now jolt, open your eyes and use Agility to close in on Noctowl. Jolt's speed never ceased to amaze her. Within seconds, Jolt had reached the area where Noctowl flew.
    "Now, take it down quickly with a Shock Wave attack!" Jolteon let loose a powerful bolt of lightning that hit Noctowl right on the back and knocked it out of the sky. Noctowl was tough though and was still in the battle, it trying to use hypnosis again. Jolt quickly shut his eyes.
    "Finish it off with Quick attack!" a quick strike later, Noctowl was down for the count. Announcing her victory, she hugged her team and praised them to pieces. She then quickly left the stage for another battle that was about to start, heading to the pokemon center in the arena to heal her pokemon.
  16. Right after Aaron's victory, he was automatically scheduled for his next battle. He wished he had more time to prepare but he always had to be in his feet. The next trainer was a big type. Aaron knew exactly who to play.
    The battle started with his opponent sending out was a Scizor. "Nice. Come on Rapidash." She neighed proudly and took center stage. "Use Quick Attack!" The opponent yelled. "Tail Whip Rapidash!" The Scizor ran straight into Rapidashs swinging tail and without Aaron telling her, she stomped on his wings, burning fire in them. Scizor was out for the count. Marill cheered while jumping up and down. "Oh yeah? How will you deal with this?" The opponent then called out a Heracross. "wow. Haven't seen one of those. Ready Rapidash?"Rapidash reared and ran at Heracross with quick attack. "Horn Attack!" Rapidash tried to dodge but the horn stung her right back leg. "Rapidash!" Aaron yelled. She fell over in pain and whinnied for help. "Now Heracross, take her down!" As Heracross started to perform his move, Rapidash suddenly bolted out of the way. "Nice acting. Now Fire Spin!" A ring of fire surrounded Heracross and he soon bursted into flames, knocking him out. "I'm not out yet. Go Bellsprout!" A small plant appeared. Aaron was confused. That looked like the weakest Pokemon he's ever seen. "Rapidash?" She got the hint and embered the little plant. It ran off crying. "Yes!" Aaron ran to her and hugged her tight. "That was amazing!" She nuzzled him back with love.
  17. For some reason they were scheduling her battles far from each other. However, if she beat the next 2 trainers, she'd be in the semi-finals. So her next battle wasn't for another 30 minutes. She took that time to heal her pokemon and prepare. Preparing by watching Aaron in his next battle. He truly battled with his pokemon skillfully. She took in everything about his battles, planning to incorporate it in her battles. After his battle ended, she hurried to go congratulate him on his victory. She had about 15 minutes till her next battle so she couldn't be long. She ran to the gate that he'd be walking through to greet him.

    (sorry it is so short right now. Just have to go to work)
  18. (Short is good sometimes. No worries)
    Aaron started to leave the arena with his Pokemon when he caught sight of Emberlynn. "Hi there." He said, being the first to start the conversation. "Did you catch some action on my last battle?" He asked, hoping she did.
  19. Emberlynn nodded, her eyes all aglow.

    "Your battling style reminds me a lot of mine, but filled with a lot more trust and love towards your pokemon! Your such a great battler! If you get a chance, I'd like you to see my battle style. I'm just about to head off to my next battle, hope you can watch!" she ran to her gate, preparing Houndoom, Weavile and Scyther for a battle against this Psychic trainer she was battling. Reaching her gate with 5 minutes to spare, they let her onto the field. The trainer sent out his first pokemon, Kadabra. Emberlynn smirked. This was going to be way too easy! She sent out Houndoom. He was ready to go since he hadn't battled at all yet. As the bell went off, the battle started.

    "Houndoom, Let's start this off with a flame thrower! Do it while running at Kadabra!" Houndoom dashed forward, flames pouring out of it's mouth. Kadabra countered with a psychic, shielding it from the flames. The goal of this charge wasn't to hurt Kadabra, yet. It was to distract it from Houndoom's real goal. Continuing to charge foward the flames got too intense for the psychic to keep up, the shield going down for a minute.
    "Now! Houndoom, Use Crunch!" Houndoom lunged at Kadabra, grabbing tightly onto it's arm. Kadabra used Slam to try to get Houndoom off. Houndoom took damage, but enough to where it didn't count him out just yet.
    "Now Inferno!" He lit up in flames, lighting Kadabra up in flames. Kadabra soon fell. Emberlynn walked over to Houndoom, hugging the dog-like pokemon close. "Great job my friend. Take a rest!"

    Next the trainer sent out Xatu. Calling in Houndoom, Emberlynn sent out Weavile. Weavile immediately charged into battle, which Emberlynn knew she would do. She was still too hasty. However, in this battle, it would be good for Emberlynn. Xatu immediately tried to stop the oncoming Weavile with a Psychic, throwing her back. But Weavile got right back up and started charging again.
    "Weavile, use Dark Pulse while charging at Xatu!" Weavile released a powerful Dark pulse, it pushing back the Xatu's Psychic barrier and breaking it. This was her chance.
    "Now! Use Night slash!" She quickly came at Xatu, using Night Slash and rendering the pokemon useless" Emberlynn praised Weavile, pulling her out and finishing up the psychic trainer's last pokemon, espeon with her Scyther. He preformed well, using his speed against hers to hit her hard . He won quickly and Emberlynn hugged all her pokemon close, praising them and being happy with them. She felt like she was getting closer to her pokemon already and she had Aaron to thank!
  20. Aaron watched the whole battle unfold. "Wow. She's quite good." He said while watching. His other Pokemon agreed too. The way she used the attacks while charging her great ideas. He knew that she cared about her Pokemon. Any trainer could tell the relationship. This made Aaron happy to see. As she came by, Aaron clapped. "Awesome battling."
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