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    Thanks to the release of the new Miyazaki game Bloodborne, I have been craving a roleplay with a Gothic-Victorian type of setting with horror elements. You do not have to be familiar with the game lore for this to work, as the RP would be set in a different world with a different story, but I would love it to have the same sort of aesthetic and feel - though perhaps with a bit less of the Lovecraftian touch.
    (I adore Lovecraft, but am looking for something aligning more with lycan/beast /vampirism/cursed blood for this RP in particular.)

    That being said, what I'm looking for is a plot dealing with a curse or plague upon a city, with the corruption of a church or religious body (experimenting, perhaps) and the risks and benefits of research/science regarding blood-work. The populace of said city would be predominantly human - but tinged with cursed blood, causing them to slowly transform into beasts of differing varieties. I would like to keep the concept of outsiders venturing to the city in search of answers/healing - and becoming "hunters" or those who are working to eliminate the curse/plague, but I would like to change some other elements around. Expect violence, gore, coarse language, and sexual situations.

    This is, of course, a very rough outline and I would like to collaborate with my partner on the rest.

    What I am interested in:
    Preferably MxM
    Those willing to write for NPCs at times
    Creative writers/partners
    Dark/gritty stories
    Possible 1x1x1

    What I am NOT interested in:
    Anything related to Twilight or Underworld
    Someone who just wants to play out a love-story between their character and a werewolf/demon/vampiric creature, etc.
    Submissive-only characters
    Overly passive players



    I've been roleplaying on/off for about twelve years, I consider myself a decent writer that is able to move a story and develop characters and plot. I am a twenty-something grad student and I usually post once a day - possibly more (or less) depending upon my schedule and work. I live in North America in Central Standard Time and am generally more active in the evenings. I'm pretty easy-going and enjoy talking and planning in OOC - so please don't be stand-offish. A sense of humour is a plus.

    I play men; it's easier for me to RP my own gender. I've tried playing as women and I'm terrible at it. For your sake and mine, I stick to guys. That being said, I tend to do better with MxM, but I am alright with MxF. That isn't meant in a sexist way, ladies. I've just had better experiences with other males, but you're welcome to change my opinion.



    + Mature +
    I enjoy a wide range of scenarios including intense violence, harsh language, and sexual content. I like to be left picking the grit out of my teeth.

    + Need plot +
    As much as I enjoy adult situations, I am not interested in a roleplay that revolves around sex; it needs to occur within a plot.

    + No God-modding +
    If you want to have my character act in a post, just ask me - I probably don't mind.

    + Please be fairly active +
    I know we're all busy, but try to post at least every two-three days or so.

    + Be polite/friendly +
    I don't care if your character is a total arse IC, but be pleasant OOC.

    + Adept/Advanced +
    3 to 4 paragraph minimum; I know people have off-days, but I need material to work with. I may also ask for a writing sample.

    + Don't just vanish +
    If you need to stop, no problem, just let me know as a courtesy.

    + Don't get offended too easily +
    I can be rather blunt and non-PC; don't take it personally - I tend to say what I think/feel and it's not an attack on you. Promise.

    + Tell me your rules +
    I want to know my partner's limits so nothing gets uncomfortable or awkward.

    + Use proper grammar/syntax +
    This includes "chat speak;" please don't PM me with such. I also ask that your posts be in past-tense third-person.

    + OOC is a must +
    Please be willing to discuss plot and such in ooc conversation. I like to chat, and communication is important to me.

    If you're interested, please PM. Feel free to post/PM me with any questions. Thanks!


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  2. One more try, I think.

    I know there's a lot and it might fall into the tl;dr category... But please try to read through everything?
  3. I might be interested. Shoot me a PM and we'll talk.
  4. I could be interested.
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