Gothic Short Story Plot

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  1. Here is the basic gist of the challenge:

    You have to write a plot outline for a short story with Gothic elements in it (if you don't know what gothic elements are, that's what google is for!) It can be about anything, but keep it with Gothic elements.
    For inspiration, read books like Wuthering Heights, or Mysteries of Udolpho.

    The deadline is for the 11th May - so get writing!
  2. [ This is base on a book called "Urban Gothic". Disturbing but really good. ]

    A group of college students(around 5; 2 couples and a boy/girl) get stranded in the middle of a 'ghetto neighborhood' far from were they live. The neighborhood is filled with what seemed to be uninhabited houses. At the end of the street, a two story house stands out from among the others since its the only one being lit by a street lamp. In search of help, the group of students walk toward the creepy looking house at the end of the street. It is slightly opened when they get there but once they come in, the door locks and won't open. Every window are barricade with bricks cemented down. There is no light visible from outside but there seems to be noises coming from the far corners of the house. A feeling of uneasiness settle over everyone as they think they are being watched from within the interiors of the house. They have to find their way out. But how? The door is locked and the windows sealed. Plus, there seems to be creatures lurking around. They are hungry and with 5 people in their property, will these starving creatures hold back? Surely not.