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  1. Hello, I am looking for a serious roleplayer who is capable of roleplaying mature themes. I'm not talking about sex. I'm talking about being able to handle violence, blood, and grit. There will be sexual themes in this roleplay though. I prefer to play a female. However, this does not mean I only play females in general. I will play male characters as well, if need be.

    I really want to do a gothic horror with a mix of royalty, hopefully something of a courtier x king or something like a knight x queen, courtier x knight. I also want there to be paranormal events and an overall ominous, gritty, and dark feel. I want there to be romance as well, but I don't want it to be the main focus. We would both play one main character, me as either the courtier or queen and my partner as either the knight or king. Keep in mind that I do not intend for this to be a deal where I play a damsel in distress. I'm not particularly fond of playing a girl like that, nor one who is overly sweet, shy, or naive. I just can't.

    I want advanced players so grammar and spelling errors should be few. I'm hoping this otherworldly country can expand out further so I want a partner who is willing to expand on world lore with me. At least four paragraphs is expected at the minimum. Semi-novella replies are preferred but anything above the seven paragraph mark, I'll be a little deterred. I'm not looking for some long internal monologue, but I want there to be quality posts composed of more than just what your character is doing or thinking.

    I want varied sentence structure, vivid sensory details, and external interaction. Give your posts some feeling as well. I expect high comprehension and I don't want to see the same word being over-used in every post. I'm talking about the third person pronouns he and she respectively. If you have a detailed post that keeps on starting as the word 'he' or 'she' every single sentence, I won't allow it. Variety on who 'he' is, such as a name, or a black-haired man, et cetera is expected of you.

    My posting expectations are primarily based on being able to post at least once a week, a few posts a week, and slow as molasses. My schedule fluctuates a bit because I'm dual enrolled in a college and my laptop is currently getting fixed. Therefore, my access is very very limited for the time being. I will do my best to post on the weekends but that is not always the case.

    Therefore, I wish for a patient partner as well. Someone who's patient enough to wait for something good. I'd rather wait for a post of quality than have nothing but fluff. That's another thing. I hate fluff posts, so please, keep that little to none. A varied character repertoire is expected as well. Everyone in court will be unique and different. I want diversity. We will be mapping out a general character template as well so be prepared to give lengthy histories, personalities, and appearances.

    I have nothing else to accomodate. Anyone interested? Just leave me a message and I'll private message you. Stay active and be willing to maintain a friendly chat within our private message for plot discussion and general chat. Keep in mind that I'll be looking at your writing on other roleplays. I tend to favor certain writing styles over others. Also, please be comfortable with the triggers I've listed down. I prefer to have 18+ only for this so no one below 18 years old.
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  2. I'm still looking for at least one partner.
  3. You have peaked my curiosity
  4. If you're still seriously looking, I'd very much be interested in partnering with you on this. I'm also in college and think the slower-paced replies would work well for both of us.
  5. @Zadok shadows Thank you for the interest but your writing style isn't what I'm looking for.

    @GoodEveningClarice Ooh! That sounds great! Would you care to share some writing samples please? I couldn't find any on your recent activity or postings that I could access.
  6. @GoodEveningClarice Thanks for the interest. However, I'm afraid our writing styles wouldn't mix well.

    To everyone else, I'm still looking!
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