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  1. ... Why do I hate this show so damn much? I cannot pay attention to it. I am so bored by it. I hate, hate, HATE Alfred and...will it go away or will it be one of those things that stick around like fungus? Seriously, this show is so bad and I wanted to like it so much because I LOVE Batman
  2. I agree with you. The little bits I've seen of it bothers me. Try as I might I can't ever see it as anything but "Smallville with Batman stuff in it". And that was just Dawson's Creek with Superman stuff in it.
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  3. Some positives; Jim Gordon and The Penguin were gr8, I enjoyed them the most when they showed up and did their thing.

    But everything else about that show? FUCK.IT.OFF.AND FORCE IT TO DIE. The acting for the most part was fuckin cartoony as hell, it was more cartoony than Adam West's Batman(Yes, that's right, I'm going there). We haven't hit the mid season episode and already four Batman villains have show up? lolk, lololololk. it's little nitpicks, but my god they annoy me. BRUCE'S PARENT MIGHT GET SOME DEVELOPMENT? COULD THEIR DEATH BE IN THE SEASON FINALE!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPE.

    I gave up on this show. I hope Constantine is great...
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  4. ME TOO!!! OHMYGOD I've been waiting for this show for ages! I will be so disappointed of it sucks :(
  5. Penguin can stay. The rest must drown in my grandmother's piss.

    Gotham could have been awesome. But they were like "No, let's not phone Asmo and ask for his screenwriting advice."

    Cookie mistake.
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  6. I watched about twenty minutes of the first episode before getting very, very bored. It seems like such a name-drop show, and that was about all there was too it. I mean, of the twenty minutes I watched, I saw mentioned: Gordon, Alfred, Penguin, Ivy (as a child or some shit), Barbra (As in Barbra Gordon, aka Batgirl, Aka Jim's daughter, except he's now banging her?) and obviously, the Waynes.

    I mean, the show felt eclectic and poorly written and nothing but a cash grab on the DC's most popular series with silly name-drops and mediocre Cop-drama TV.
  7. The first episode is by far the worst. I actually enjoy the show more with each episode. It just had a super poor first showing
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  8. [​IMG]
    Oswald Cobblepot is also that dude from last Sunday's Walking Dead. bat scene...
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  9. I believe Barb was named after her mom but I agree!
  10. well now i am sad

    like batfleck sadface sad

    i was wondering if it was worth the time to watch
  11. I feel they are trying to get the hype of the Dark Knight series and the video games. Public demand, I guess. I was just disappointed by how bland it is.

    Really, the only superhero show that I like and feel has a good formula is Arrow. I didn't really like Smallville and The Flash is too early to tell but I thoroughly enjoy Arrow. I dunno, they've done something right despite the cheesey parts.
  12. Gotham isn't a superhero show though. It is run as a detective show, and I think that past the terrible first episode, it is doing a decent job of it.
  13. Does it feel the urge to name drop a bunch of villains gallery members each episode?
  14. no. Only first episode
    2 is noticable change of pace. By three its pretty solid. I feel they just wanted to namedrop and get the whole "Yes we are batman" over as quick as possible. It led to a terrrible pilot.

    For tohsse saying Arrow is good. The first 4 episodes of Arrow was some of the cheesiest most cringe worthy shit :P
  15. I don't like this show either
  16. I will levy the same criticism as I do against most Jrpgs.

    I don't care how good it eventually gets. If something doesnt present an interesting hook within the first little segment (50 pages for a book, 1 episode for a tv program, 15 minutes for a film/game) then it has failed. It shows poor direction and design from the creators. It is the same as any RP: if you fail to hook people early, then you are doomed to fail.
  17. That is a fair assement, as a Pilot is meant to be the selling episode. But to me, I usually find that series in general, find their stride after a while. I can survive a terrible first episode. See Supernatural, with its completely worthless first 2 episodes. Archer with its super cringy first 4. I liked both shows after that.

    Poor design and direction, well I suppose that's very objective now Isn't it? A Rp has to have a plot hook and decent show of writing skills displayed. A book is pretty much all about if the writers style can shine enough that you consider reading it to find out the actual story.

    A movie though? 15 minutes? You set scenes, you build up towards something.

    A series Pilot is different in that its usually done on a tighter budget, its forced to be crammed full with all the things you want the series to mention as it goes.