Gotham, the town of crime

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  1. [​IMG] Crystal rushed down the street of Gotham as ten villains chased after her. Struggling for breath, the blue haired villain hid in a nearby ally way while gripping large bags that were filled with money. The reason a villain was getting chased by fellow villains was because she broke into all of their bases, killed everyone she found there and stole all the money they owned.

    Once the teenage villain stepped out of an ally, she saw that all of the villains were now surrounding her. "Shit." Cursed the eighteen year old. Looking around for a spot where she could escape through, the sapphire haired girl gently placed one of the large bags onto the street next to her, and grabbed a small dagger from her pocket before stabbing it into the stomach of one of the villains.

    Suddenly a fist was slammed into her face forcing her back. Staggering slightly, Crystal was about to grab a smoke bomb when gas was sprayed into her face. Holding her breath, the teen only lasted about two minutes longer before collapsing onto the ground. a couple of the villains, not including the one that was bleeding out on the ground, picked up the knocked out villain as the others grabbed the money that she stole.

    Once she was lifted, the villains carried her into some unknown location before chaining her wrists and chucking her onto the ground.
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  2. The sound of a heavy body hitting the ground reached the ears of the other occupant causing them to turn their head in the direction of the sound.

    "Hrmmm...looks like they brought me a bad I don't play well with others, hmm." called out a sleepy drawl male voice.

    The owner of the voice shifted causing chains to rattle and clank as he moved.
  3. Opening her eyes, Crystal slowly sat up. "Where am I?" Mumbled the villain as her eyes scanned the area, looking for anything that could help her escape. Then her eyes stopped on a someone that was making their way towards her. So she's not the only there huh?
  4. The other chuckled "I'd like to say a dungeon or a cell of some sorts...I don't really know. I've down here for awhile now, hmm."

    The young man tilted his head some to the left "You don't sound like anyone that deserves to be down here with someone like me...who are you, hmm?" they asked once they were an arms lenght away.
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  5. Crystal paused before speaking. "Call me Crystal." When hearing the assumption, she let out a chuckle. "Well then obviously, you don't know me." The villain spokembefore attempting to break her chains.
  6. "Crystal? That's a pleasant name...I'm Loki." Loki smirked at her comment and the sound of her struggle against the chains "Tried that...the chains are near indestructible not even my magika is useless against them, hrm."

    He sighed tiredly "I heard of you...the others often complain about their valuables going missing, hrm."
  7. Crystal let out another chuckle. "What?" She asked as she pulled an innocently looking face, "I only stole about 6 times." She said before then asking, "Why are we here?"
  8. Loki laughed at this "Only six items she says! Ah Crystal that was a good one!" He ran a shackled hand threw his shaggy black hair "Honestly, I feel like its because they know we're a threat to them...that's what I think, hmm."
  9. "Alright" Crystal said before asking, "Do you guys have any powers?"
  10. Loki hummed for a moment "I have magic, I can cast illusions, bend the elements at my whim, and transform onto whatever I wish...not to mention I am the god of lies."he paused for a moment "Though I have to mention...I practically useless without my ravens...hmm." he added.

    "May I ask what are your hidden abilities?"
  11. Crystal tapped the side of her noise with her left index finger while wearing a slight smirk. "That's for me to know, and you to find out." The sapphire haired villain answered.
  12. [​IMG]

    The cell door opens abruptly and Alice is tossed in hastily. Both her hands and feet already shackled. They took extra precaution to secure her as there was an iron ball attatched to the shackles on her feet. The guard wasted no time in shutting the cell door behind her. Alice, who is now laying on the cold floor lets out a silent sigh. The beaten and exhausted girl shuts her eyes for a moment. Seconds later she snaps her head behind her sensing two presences. There is a fearful yet violent look in her eye as she assesses the situation. She in clearly in no position to defend herself.
  13. Loki grinned "I like that response!" He added stretching "Let's see...we should probably trick one of thoses brutes into comin' down here, hrm."

    The sounds of the doors opening reached the black haired male and he turns "Looks like we have a new friend, hm." He added.

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  14. Crystal was about to respond when she saw someone on the floor. Walking over to them, she said, "Hi." Thinking, she asked if they had any heel stuff.
  15. Quickly analyzing the situation, as any assassin was taught to do, she looked over the male and female also in the room. The female approached her. She was able to walk, meaning she wasn't chained as heavily as Alice. " H-Hi.. " Alice whispered, erasing the streak of violence in her eye "
  16. "What did you do?" Crystal asked as she noticed all the bruises as well as the metal ball.
  17. Alice smirked. It seemed okay to answer honestly at this point. Due to the shackles and metal ball holding her back her exceptional speed and strength would be of no use. This meant she would need these people to help her escape. She could simply kill them afterwards if needed. "I.. Um.." Alice paused. It was quite awkward for her to word stuff like this. " My l-last contract required me to kill 100 criminals in this city.. I only got through 84.." She sounded disappointed.
  18. "Okay." Crystal said before saying to everyone. "Guys, play dead. Now." She said before walking over to the door.
  19. "Huh?" Alice whispered as the girl walked towards the cell door. She decided it best to go along since the girl seemed to know what she was doing. Alice closed her eyes, letting her pink hair fall over her face and laid silent. She was curious as to what the girl was planning.
  20. Loki turned to the girls and shrugged not entirely sure of the situation, but none the less he collapsed onto the ground his hair covering his eyes as he played dead also.

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