Gotham or Sons of Anarchy

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Which would you like to see be a rp?

  1. Gotham love it

    7 vote(s)
  2. Sons of Anarchy love Jax and Opie

    1 vote(s)
  3. Both

    3 vote(s)
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  1. So I have been watching Gotham and Finished Sons of Anarchy both crazy as hell, I would love to do a rp on them either group or 1x1 there will obviously be oc and not following the story exactly. I won't give a thing a away but if you loved SOA or still watching it and love it, and Love Gotham please leave a comment below and do the poll. Also if you have ideas for either pm me or put it here. I am obsessed with Gotham Penguin is my favorite character
  2. Loved SOA so you would deffs have me in for a group RP :D Thankfully I have only two more midterm essays and things will be slowed to give me more time.
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  3. Gotham~ c: I'm gonna keep an eye on this.
    I have an OC in mind. She'll be a mix of Eiko Hasigawa / Jade Nguyen... She'll probably be Selina Kyle/'Catwoman's friend but might turn into Cheshire super later if you do gotham. Something along those lines c:

  4. Like it but the photo will have to be realistic
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  5. i'm aware. Just showing who the character is in case you didn't know ^^; c:
  6. No problems doll
  7. See , I'd be fine with doing Gotham as well.. I'd probably do a version of Harley Quinn for certain or perhaps even Poison Ivy kind.
  8. Yeah I love penguin in Gotham he would stay the same sorry can't change him I loves him he is amazing at being nuts
  9. I probably couldn't change Harley Quinn and or Ivy ever because of my love for them.
  10. Have you seen the show?
  11. That I have and I liked bits and pieces of it for certain but not as much as SOA
  12. Le gasp
  13. Any new interest
  14. I suggest both, i haven't watched Gotham, but damn Sons of Anarchy was awesome, i loved Ron Pearlman and Katey Seagal in it, Clay and Gemma were the best, but as for Gotham it seems ok, but i'm not a big fan of Batman or DC. So just do both heck make your roleplay a cross between the two, like one of the characters from SOA vist's Gotham or something.

    I hope Sutters plans for the SOA Spinoff "The First 9" gets through to FX, i would love to see another SOA related thing again.
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  15. There making a movie when jaxs was younger and awesome
  16. Oh really? Then I can't wait to see that when it happens!
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