Gotham Nights (w/ Danigirl)

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  1. Jason Todd splashed some water on his face. He looked in the mirror. He almost didn't recognize himself anymore. How many years had it been since he had been in Gotham. He couldn't remember anymore. There was no room for memories. There was only vengeance and rage. He walked over to his closet and opened the ragged door. He was holed up in a run down apartment on the outskirt of the Narrows. No one questioned you here.

    He grabbed his red mask and put it over his eyes. He grabbed his metallic red hood and black biker jacket. He put the red hood on and pushed a small receded button on the side. Two eye holes slid open as he slung the jacket on. He went over the the window the overlooked the small dimly lit alley where his motorcycle was. He did a quick equipment check and lept out the window. He silently landed on his feet next to his bike.

    As he straddled the bike and put the keys in, he heard and faint rattling of chains behind him. He smiled under his hood as he turned around. Slowly sauntering towards him were three average sized guys. One had a length of chain, the other two with metal pipes. He got off his bike and faced the approaching thugs. "Well well. Looks like we got ourselves a wanna be masked man." The man with the chains smirked. "Looks like we're gonna have to show you what we do to masked men in this part of Gotham."

    As the last words escaped the man's lips, Jason unholstered his pistol from his boot and shot him in the knee. The man fell over in agony, clutching his shattered kneecap. "You're dead! Dead!" The man screamed as the other two men ran to attack. Jason quickly holstered his pistol and the first man swung the pipe over his head and down towards Jason. Jason put his arms up in an "X" and caught the pipe between his wrists. His gauntlets taking the brunt of the force.

    He quickly turned his hands around, grabbed the pipe and pushed the man into the other who was approaching. As the first man fell into the second one, Jason kicked him in the stomach, causing the pipe to come free from his grip. Jason pulled the pipe and spun it over his head and brought it sideways with a sickening "CRACK" against the man's skull. As the first one crumpled to the ground, Jason used the confusion to rush in and uppercut the second man in the nose. He felt his nose crunch under his fist and the man fell back in pain. Jason casually dropped the pipe and walked back to his motorcycle. He got on and sped off into the night. "Not even a decent work out." He thought to himself.
  2. Stephanie Morrow was a straight a student top of, her class even but she had a dark secret, she'd been living on her own since she was a child with the aid of her nanny Milicent. She looked at the time smirked as she got herself dressed then climbed out her bedroom window, onto the fir escape with ease. The hazel eye brown haired beauty was known as White phantom, with her ability of invisibility she was able to be unseen whenever she robbed a bank or jewelry store. She wasn't really hurting for money but she liked the rush it gave her, she always wanted more. Climbing onto her bike she revved it up as she put on her helmet, rode off into the night. Where she was headed no one really knew but she was going to be out for awhile, would try everything to avoid being caught by the police or some wannabe hero.

    It had been a really long time since she'd seen anyone she'd grown up with, she was constantly starting to think maybe everyone had forgotten about her. She didn't get out very much, had been out of school for awhile but when you had a socialite reputation that usually turned into the worst reputation possible. Her life was okay she had her nanny like Bruce Wayne had his butler but she didn't always confide in her nanny, she always felt alone because she had no one to talk to. Reaching her destination she climbed of her bike, hit the button on her utility belt that would enhance her ability to keep hidden then broke into the jewelry store.
  3. Jason's bike sped down the back alleys. He kept an eye open for anything. He hadn't been back in Gotham long and wanted to get a good feel for the city. It looked very much like it did back when he used to patrol with Batman. The names on the buildings had changed, but they still looked the same. If he didn't know any better, the quite of the night would have fooled him into thinking that this city was this quiet all the time.

    As if on cue, the radio in his ear buzzed to life. His police scanner had picked up a silent alarm going off on a nearby jewelry store. If the police were just now getting the call, the thief was probably close to gone from the scene. He was close enough to at least check the crime scene before the cops arrived. It was probably the work of a common criminal. Someone not even worth his time, but if he had learned anything from his years in this city it was never write off any criminal.

    He stopped a block from the jewelry store and parked his bike behind a dumpster. He quickly shimmed up the fire escape to the roof and ran across the the other side. He knelt down and took out a small pair of binoculars. He scanned the jewelry store that was right across the street. From his vantage point he could see both the front and the back of the store. As he looked he saw a bike parked haphazardly near the front of the store. Looking it over, he could see no discerning marks on the bike. So it was probably a simple burglar.

    He thought of just letting the police handle this one, but he still wasn't sure if this was a small time theft or part of something bigger. He scanned the front of the store and couldn't see any movent. He turned and ran to the other side of the building and lept down. He landed next to his bike and pushed it to the edge of the building where he could see the thief's bike. He straddled his bike and waited for the thief to emerge so he could follow them.
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  4. Stephanie walked out of the store with her bag of goodies climbed onto her bike, sped off. She wasn't done though she still had two more stores to break into, of course she managed to stay invisible. The next store was only a few blocks away from the first one, she jumped off her bike after parking it so it was hidden then walked into the store after picking the lock. She looked around then grabbed what she wanted smirked to herself as she put the jewels in a bag then walked back out, smiled as she headed toward her next destination. Of course she didn't know she was being followed, she didn't really care all she cared about was avoiding the police at all costs despite her money she was bond to get locked up in the slammer if she got herself caught. '' Who's there? '' The brunette asked as she pulled up to the curb of the final store, climbed off her bike then entered the store with ease still invisible.
  5. Jason sat on his bike for a few moments, waiting on this thief to come back to their bike. Suddenly he heard soft footsteps coming towards the bike. He waited anxiously. Suddenly, the footsteps stopped and the bike vanished. He was puzzled for a moment before he heard the soft hum of the bike as the engine started. He quickly pulled out a small homing beacon and threw it on where the back light of the bike should be.

    He heard the bike take off and switched on a tracking map on his gauntlets. He saw the small blip that was the bike take off down the road. He waited several minutes before taking off to follow. He followed it to another jewelry store where he saw whomever it was get off the bike. The only reason he could tell is because the bike became visible again. They picked the lock to the front door and came out several minutes later.

    "This is definitely someone worth getting to know." Jason muttered under his breath as he followed them. They arrived at another jewelry store. This time, however, when the figure when inside, Jason followed. He stood just behind a corner where the bike was parked and waited. As he heard the footsteps approach the bike, he silently pulled out a small electrical descrambler. This would hopefully disrupt whatever was making them invisible.

    As soon as he heard them get on the bike, he ran and dove right behind the bike. As he dove he stuck the descrambler on the person's back. He rolled as he hit the ground, stood up and turned around to get a look at whoever this person was. The electricity crackled around the figure as it slowly became visible. Jason stood in shock as he saw the thief materialize. "Kind of dangerous to be out this late at night alone don't you think?" Jason quipped.
  6. '' I can take care of myself..'' Stephanie said as she rolled her eyes, lowered her hood with a sigh. She knew she had been busted, granted he wasn't a cop she knew that voice. It didn't take her very long to figure out who it was, she had a feeling he would figure out who she was just by hearing her voice. She looked at all her loot, smiled glad she had managed to get this far but she wasn't going to give the jewels back until she wanted to which would be never. It had taken her two years at least to get where she was right now, she loved the adrenaline rush that stealing gave her.
  7. "You sound a little mad. Look, you got caught and you're angry. That's understandable. So, we'll make this easy. You just tell me where you got that tech and return what you stole. You go free. Everyone wins." Jason stood there, arms crossed, studying this thief. Nothing about her was recognizable. Not her voice or the tech that she used. She had to be independent and he was only interested in the bigger time crooks. Although she was probably independent, it didn't make her any less dangerous.
  8. " It's my own invention! I love science, computers. When you pretty much live alone you have to do something, you can have all my loot. I've got plenty of money to throw around." Stephanie said as she handed him all three bags climbed on her bike, headed back toward her house. She parked her bike in a dark alley covered it with a trap then climbed up her fire escape, back through her window. Of course she had left a calling card behind, he would be able to find her now. Changing into her pajama's she crawled under her covers then tried to lay down.