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Gotham : Father Batman, Mother Joker (Group Role Play)

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by InindoHero, Sep 19, 2014.

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  1. This game is "Mature", but not "Libertine". No sex is done unless fade to black. In an alternate universe, Bruce Wayne dies and his Father becomes Batman, his mother becomes the Joker. At first the pair of vigilantes work together, but The Joker's evil nature forces Thomas Wayne to divorce her and ostracize her. This is why The Joker never kills Alfred, despite him being a possible target at all times. Not that Martha hasn't tried, but she just doesn't want to do away with Alfred all the time, since they were once close friends.

    There are a minimum of two Pre-Made characters but most characters are original. You may add both DC and Marvel characters to this role play, but if they are Marvel Characters they can't be identical to the characters of the Marvel Universe. Also, this role play is allowed to become extremely violent, but never torture porn, although torture may occur.

    Thomas Wayne:
    He is Batman, almost identical to the original Batman. His lifespan has been miraculously lengthened very considerably (+60 years than normal) when he became Batman, he was given a very long life span from The Source. (No real super powers though. He's just as Human as Batman. But if he did have a Super Power it would just be a very long life span). If he DID, have a super power, however, it is his intelligence. It is unrealistically high, higher than almost anyone, or even higher, than people in real life. So he maaay be argued to have mildly super human intelligence. In addition, he will likely live somewhere close to two hundred and fifty years, or even make it to three hundred years old, due to his long natural life span, in addition to his high technological and scientific achievements. (He is slowly leaking out advance after advance through Wayne Industries).

    Martha Wayne (Almost identical to the Joker except for obvious reasons. Also, Harley isn't in a relationship with Martha Wayne, she is, however, a very close friend who is being manipulated by Martha's cunning ways. There is one significant difference other than The original Joker's gender and relationship to Harley. Martha Wayne became a witch after Bruce died. She has mild magical powers, mostly illusion and escaping spells. Sometimes she can become invisible or cause levitation of herself or others, etcetera. During her torture of enemies, sometimes she magical shrinks their genitals, if they are male, etcetera. Her genuine magical powers are limited, however. Any hope of going back and becoming Martha Wayne again was destroyed when she murdered Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson.

    Hopefully: Catwoman and Ra'as Al Ghul is also in this.

    Cat Woman will be a harsh Anti-Heroin in this role play. She'll likely kill anyone working for an evil character, but may show mercy even to enemies for various reasons. She has her "feline" supernatural traits, with her mildly super human reflexes, agility and affinity for felines, both tame and feral (Like lions, tigers, etcetera). Her affiliation with the Egyptian Pantheon gives her high resistance, but nowhere near immunity, to magic.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.