Gotham - city without heroes - OC (me) x Harley Quinn

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  1. This is inspired by American comics, such as Batman or Sin City

    Imagine Gotham City but batman never came to be, the alley killer didn't murder the Wayne's but a random family instead, this would be my char family and my char is a random bitter orphan raised to be a middle class citizen with an ordinary job and low resources. But he hates criminals as much as batman and he'd be vigilante crime fighter without a name, he'd wear a trench coat or casual body covering clothes, driving gloves and different masks, like paintball masks, hockey masks, a hood with a scarf... to avoid being identified.

    In this RP I'd like you play Harley Quinn

    You don't need to follow the original Harley Quinn story, she can be your OC, but there are some basics, she'd be either a shrink or psychology student, she'd be obsessed with the criminal mind and eventually the Joker, she'd be eventually be kidnapped by him, taken hostage or something... and develop kind of a crazy love Stockholm syndrome (when the victim sympathizes with the aggressor so much she takes his side, it's a mental condition) about Joker. I'd also play Joker to help with that, but he's the villain not the main char.

    Our thing would be, my char acknowledges that his violent behavior is not normal and tries to understand himself better, if you'd be a shrink, he could hire your services and they'd become romantically involved.
    If you'd be a student, maybe our chars could meet like in facebook and realize they both live in gotham get together and start dating.
    Anyways my char loves yours and when she becomes Joker's side kick, he'd pursue Joker to get her back and this won't end till she takes a side or one of them dies, or both.

    Let me know if you're interested

    P.S.: here's all data you may need on Harley Quinn
  2. Interested .3.
  3. I like it. But I don't keep up with batman or any comic cherries. Sorry.
  4. Will be doing this with Luna Gillian then :)
  5. I am not sure if she bailed on me, anyone else interested?
  6. Still searching!!!
  7. I'm interested. If you're still looking.
  8. That would be GREAT!!!
  9. I'm interested too! That sounds like an awesome rp! :)
  10. I have this going already now, but if you really want I'll do it with you as well, send me a PM :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.