GoT! Why must they tease us so?!?!

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  1. They gave a tiny little teaser.....starting at 1:49. OMG! I soooo can't wait for this season to start already! Something tels me that Jon's body is in there to be revived......or maybe that's just wishful thinking.
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  2. Ah, shit. Davos is such a bro.
  3. This is the only time I've been worried about a GoT season, and I've had a hard time getting excited for it. 5 really dropped the ball, and this season is entirely without book materials so it's do or die time for the show writers. So, here's hoping they figure out that magic formula again and stop butchering entire story arcs for shock value.
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  4. I'm still on the first book so I haven't been able to be disappointed yet. I was going to read all the books before the season starts, but I've been thinking of waiting until the series is over to read them and compare. The books are always better than the series though, and HBO has a history of fucking up series.....
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  5. I need the personal gratification of Ghost making a v-line for Ollie's face.
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  6. I just watched that on youtube like five mins ago. Man... I liked Davos from the start. Sigh. Well, I'm glad to see Ghost is there :D
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