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  1. Looking to see who's up for something a little different, something epic, perhaps fantasy/paranormal/scifi stuff, whatever it happens to come to! Excited to see what'll go down here. :)
  2. I'm in the mood for Fantasy and not finding anything on the forums that catches my fancy.
  3. Hm, got anything in mind that you're searching for? In more specifics than fantasy, that is. Been trying to conjure something up that isnt just the paranormal vampires werewolves elves sorta niche
  4. Hmm, I guess like the questing stories. I should mention that I've been jonesing for a D&D campaign that I'm looking for rp games similar to feed my craving. I don't mind vampires and werewolves but as long as its not like one of those, "Romeo and Juliette" scenarios. Never came across one that wasn't wishy washy.
  5. I'm into fantasy too, but not quite sure what you're looking for. Are you digging for things out of the ordinary from common elves and what have you?
  6. I think they want to hear what we're looking for to better think up a game that would interest us into joining. Like a Target Audience Survey.
  7. Ah, yeah, this is a bit of an "interest check" as well, but more in the sense to see what sorts of interesting ideas we've got floating around here. And yes, I'm trying to see if I can come up with something a little different. Hints of what you were mentioning didnt sound bad at all.
  8. To honest, I've been wanting to play a mermaid for a while but could never find the right story to try it out. I don't a romance for her, more of a "Culture Shock" and see how she handles being on land sort of thing. New things, YAY!
  9. Mermaid stuff? But less immature... :p Could be interesting. Guess they're just like any other magical creature, and adjusting to human life is just gonna be hella weird for all of them!
  10. I would think so and that would get plenty of laughs with the social fails.
  11. You could come up with a whole new species too. I was thinking of doing that depending on what you wanted to do in the long-run with a solid plot. There's a whole lot you can do with a world when literally everything is built ground-up.
  12. I agree. But in case others do decide to do the same but create a freakin Uber-God race, player should submit the race lore up first to the author so they can decide if its a go or not.
  13. Well, god-modding is always an issue, so I imagined you would. Otherwise, nobody would really know what the creature was anyway. If I were to do something like that, I'd do a lore, history, and then a character profile for it all in one go.
  14. I can see that working.
  15. Makes sense, and crafting stuff outta the blue would certainly make it original, and I like where this is going, but it doesn't have to be completely from the ground up.
  16. Not the whole world. It's just an example if you want extremes. It's pretty much up to what the player wants to do regarding character design.

    If I were to do my character, I'd make a new race entirely, and then make a description, short blurb of lore and history, and then make a background around it that would give it a solid frame. If you want to try something fresh and original, I'd push myself, personally, to see how far I can go. I've been looking for a reason to try a whole new idea. I might be able to try that now for this kind of RP.
  17. Yeah, i get the concept.So, with that in mind, think it's time to move on to more plot and setting related things, as the species of the character will become part of the bio?
  18. Either that or they type up the race first then the character afterwards in the post.
  19. Well the setting could be anywhere. Is there anything specific anyone wants or is craving? Like say, forest, city, underwater?
  20. Not a desert or tundra...that would be a bit much for Miss Fishy to experience her first time out of the ocean.
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