Got Romance?

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Got Romance?


:3 Diana's given me the honour of being Romance Roleplay Specialist. New Year is coming up, I thought I'd offer my services for those of you looking for some lovin'! *giggle*

These would be private roleplays. If you're looking for something more...dirty, we can take it to the Smut Club. Must be at least 16 years young to join, though.

Otherwise, feel free to request a private game with me. I can play male or female! I can also juggle more than one character. Additionally, I've got absolutely no problem playing a homosexual character. More often than not, my characters are either bisexual or gay. xD;

I prefer not to do high school themed roleplays... That is all I ask. c___c But if that's really what your little heart desires, I'll open my mind to it. I just might ask if we can shake it up to make it a haunted school or something. Heehee~

Also willing to make it more than one on one. If you've got a friend wanting to play with us, by all means! If you have an epic plot in mind and need recruits, I'm your girl to tell about it. I can reel in some players for it. >:3

...I'll also play something without romance, if you desire. That's not the only thing I can play. x3 It is, after all, a specialty, though. Please don't be shy!
Ooohhhhhhhhhhhh I wantz but I have no idea what i wantz ^^;
We'll figure out what you want, Shan~

What genre do you like? :D Feel free to PM me or add me on MSN.
*turns head at the word romance*

Romance!? Where!?

I would love a one-on-one with you some time! I have a few ideas and such if you are interested in hearing them. As for the dirty stuff well...i'll meet you at the smut soon as i google some directions. XD
It would be my pleasure, Lady Harpy. <3

Feel free to PM me with your ideas. If you want help getting into Smut Club, I can direct you. As long as you're at least 16, you'll be able to get in.
Awesome~ <3

I'll send you a PM with the basics of a couple of them, it won't be anything fancy but just a rough idea. As for smut club, i am over 16 and definately interested in joining so your help would be wonderful!