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Got laptop access again, need new projects!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Wombat, Jun 22, 2014.

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  1. YYyyooooooo so over the past couple er few months I've been a terrible partner due to some crappy laptop issues and at least one partner seems to have dropped a roleplay which is completely understandable because I'd take several days at the very least to reply - but no longer! I have internet! And a proper keyboard! And I'll be even quicker when I get my own laptop back probably around next week!

    Therefore, I wanna get at least one new roleplay going, and here's what I'm looking for (also im hella flexible on p much everything)

    Queer characters are a big thing if it gets shippy/romantic/full of fricking. F/F , M/M, or if theres at least one character who's genderfluid/genderqueer/trans. I'm a little tired of cisgendered gay male pairings, but still fairly flexible on that. Only big things are that I'm hugely uncomfortable playing straight and cis characters (I'm gay and I feel like I've done enough straight roleplaying through highschool, yanno?)

    Im mostly comfortable with fantasy/paranormal/scifi/horror and have a love for torturing/breaking down characters and then writing cutesyass fluff/smut/goofy stuff. Obvs, im comfortable with smut, all i ask is that it remains consenting and safe, and that there's still some level of plot.

    I'm really wary of succubi/incubi/vampire/angelic roleplays, but I'd still be open to them if we can work out some good characters/setting/lore (if its vampires, id wanna do Masquerade style vamps likely), other than that, i fuckin' love having mage characters or magic in general, and super huge conflicts and wars on a ridiculos, ''determinator'' level of badassery c:

    hit me up if you got questions/wanna do somefin! (and if i miss a reply, feel free to spam/smack me because im a bit prone to that with new partners vuv)
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  2. Hey. I'll rp with you!!!! I don't mind doin queer characters!!!!!!
  3. Oooh~I'll pm you then vuv
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