GoT is back! (Spoilers possible! Read at your own risk.)

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  1. So, it's finally back. I missed half of it, but I'll catch up on the repeat in another few hours.

    What did you all think? I have only one thing to say....

    WTF was that ending?!?!?!
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  2. Kinda stupid for all the Hype it had

    And ewww that ending
  3. you missed nothing at all it was like a pinball machine that was broken and didn't light up. It showed things we already knew super stupid
  4. Here's what I think of what I saw.

    Daenerys (open)
    Okay, so she can speak Dothraki but decides to let dudes talk shit about her till she gets to the head honcho and learns she's going to be sent away to some convent for widowed Khalessi. Okay....I would have thought she'd be forced to become some other Khal's wife, but apparently that's not how barbarians work!

    Darvos (open)
    Really? Asking them for muttons is going to buy you a whole lot of time. Just fuck those bastards up and give me a fight already!

    Arya (open)
    Wtf?!?! You're going to make the girl blind, then get her ass handed to her? That wasn't Arya! That girl doesn't know how to be defeated! Yes, I am extremely pissed off about that. They broke her!!

    From what I saw, I'm not very happy. I was hoping for something good!
  5. like I said nothing happened
  6. I was actually more than satisfied with this episode, much more than the last season's.


    Didn't care too much about Dorne and Jamie/Cersei, or even the shame nun XD Whatever.

    I liked that Brienne can finally keep her oath to Catelyn, and it's interesting to see how Sansa trusts Theon now.

    I think it made sense that Dany waited until she was before the Khal to speak. I mean, who would have taken her seriously otherwise? And why waste breath? She doesn't know these particular Dothraki or what they may do to her, and she does knows how Dothraki in general take slaves. Also, we don't really know much at all about Dothraki customs, only what we've heard third parties speak of them.

    As for Arya, honestly, I was satisfied. I love her, but she had arrogance in her that a Faceless man couldn't have. That's what they were trying to teach her throughout the whole last season. You are No One. It's kind of like the 'wax on wax off' training, start from something meager and slowly move through the ranks. She wanted to be like them but she wasn't willing to go through the training. She thought she was good enough already, and she paid for it. Now she's going to have to start right at the bottom. A little humility wouldn't be bad for her.

    I also like the twist with Melisandre. Much like the Dothraki, we really don't know much about her at all.
  7. I was overall disappointed with the episode. The only thing that really happened was
    Brienne rescuing Sansa and the Sand Sisters taking over Dorne. The latter was kind of bleh for me because the bodyguard who is meant to be one of the Seven Kingdom's best fighters went down without ever swinging his weapon on tv.
    Nothing else really occurred to meaningfully advance the plot. Even those two things were events on their own, we didn't see any ripples they created in the world. I think the issue is they want to set up all the action but when you have like six different storylines to set up that's a whole episode on just that.
  8. I agree with the latter part of your spoiler, that's why I wasn't too impressed by that part.

    Yeah, I do believe it was a 'setting' up episode, and that the next one there will be some definite crap hitting the fan. Or I hope so anyway. I liked it though, I'm honestly not disappointed like many seem to be XD

    I do hope we see some Bran asap though. And Dangit! I want to know what is up with Rickon, Osha and Shaggydog.
  9. After watching the whole episode, I discovered they put all the good stuff at the beginning and the snooze fest afterwards. =/

    I'm so happy that Brienne finally found Sansa! Not because I give a rat's ass about Sansa, but I felt so bad for her constantly looking for the girl. I was surprised with how quickly Theon seemed ready to jump in and save her as well. I thought for sure he'd just throw up his hands and be like. 'Okay, you found us. I was just bringing her back!'

    I am probably the only person here rooting for Cersei. I want to see her and The Mountain tear some shit up this season! And shit! That prince's death....OMG! That was nasty! They weren't playing around with him.

    I'm pretty sure the wildlings are going to turn up in the middle of the showdown between Darvos and those loyal to Jon. If not, they're all probably dead. Unless Jon suddenly turns into a white walker. However, after seeing the ending, I'm kind of wondering if Melisandre might sacrifice her old ass to bring him back.

    And people really need to stop complaining about the nudity in the show! All that complaining and we were forced to endure all woman boobs. Ewwww.....
  10. Spoiler
    As much as I understood Dorne not wanting to get in war, I do understand Ellaria Martell's anger. Their family keeps getting screwed with. Oberyn took the risk of being killed, but Elia and her children were brutally murdered.

    Sooo I'll probably be rooting for Dorne against the Lannies :P
  11. That prince was possibly the stupidest person in the GoT world so far. I'm certain that everyone in the seven kingdoms knows they shouldn't turn their back on a Dornish person with a weapon yet their prince did it instantly. Even my mother called that death coming. They could have let him have a little bit of a fight before he got stabbed from behind, give us some action!

    Also Nydanna I'm pretty sure you are the only Cersei supporter XD After everything she's ruined and destroyed due to her own selfishness and greed its been satisfying watching her fall. She's pretty much responsible for everything bad that's happening since book 1.
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  12. lol (open)
    Rooting for Cersei is basicly rooting for incestual, femal hitler at this point. She is greedy, backstabbing, lying sociopath. She would commit any number of atrocities to stay in power.
  13. Spoiler
    I have a love hate relationship with Cersei. I love to hate her.

    But seriously speaking, I'm with Tyrion; her only redeeming qualities are her cheekbones and her love for her children. The first she had nothing to do with. The latter isn't enough to make her likable to me. She's screwed too many lives. She should have left for Casterly Rock when Tommen suggested it. That would have shown true love. Yes, Margaery was manipulating Tommen, but so was Cersei.

    I can't take Jaime seriously anymore. He seemed redeemable in the 3rd and 4th season, but now... meh.
  14. @Greenie
    That was something I noticed too. His one conversation in this episode seemed to undo all the redeeming qualities he's built up over the last few seasons. He's gone right back to being a full Lannister now he's with Cersei.
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  15. @DoughGuy

    I guess he's just one of those character's you can't truly trust.

    Or most likely he really just loves Cersei too much. It wouldn't be the first time love seemed to start a war. *points to Robert and Lyanna*

    Now Ser Barristan was someone that I really liked and found trustworthy, so unlike what most people in the GoT world seem to think, I am more partial to believing his stories about Rhaegar. I doubt Lyanna was treated badly at all.

    But I digress XD
  16. This episode seemed to be a good bit of setting up most of the characters for this season. It was alright, even if the episode itself was short compared to normal premiers.

    Also, Sand Snake storyline is proper bullshit.
  17. Spoiler
    Yes, but I'm rooting for her because everyone hates her, and out of all the people on the show, she's the one person that I know without a doubt doesn't give a fuck about anyone else. She's going to do what she has to to make sure that her family stays on top. Yes, she's evil, lying, manipulative, and the list goes on and on. But, you have to get her credit, she's still standing. Is there a single decent thing about her? Nope. I honestly hate her, but when it comes down to a choice between all the other baddies like Ramsey, and Stannis who is no longer an issue, she's the one I'm rooting for. Why? Because the more people who hate her, the stronger she becomes. She hasn't broken yet, when she has every reason to be broken. She's lost her son, and even though he was little asshole, it was still her child. She has now lost her daughter, and she knows that soon she's going to lose her other son as well. Plenty of people would have lost their minds by now, but she hasn't.

    As for Jaimie, I really, really want to slap the shit out of him now. He needs to get his balls back from out of Cersei's mouth and stop being such a bitch. If I knew who killed my daughter, I would have turned right on back and demanded to be allowed to remove their heads mysel.
  18. I'm not going to put this post in spoilers because the thread title already did that job. Silly people spoiling posts in a spoiler thread. :P

    This was a great setup episode for the major plotlines of the season going forward. It wasn't the best for plot or character development, but it served a very good purpose.

    It was kind of necessary after they threw so many twists and new developments at us at the end of last season: Sansa and Theon Reek escaping, Cersei getting freed, Myrcella dying, Arya going blind, Danaerys getting snagged by a khalasar, Tyrion apparently set to try to rule Mereen with Varys and Grey Worm, Stannis maybe dying (still yet to be confirmed), and Jon Snow getting shanked. Seriously, that was a lot of stuff to drop at the end of the season. They needed to pick all those threads back up and reacquaint the average viewer with them, because most people will just go into it without rewatching the last season or reading one of those refresher guides that show up everywhere on the internet before popular shows return for a new season and the show runners want even those plebs to be able to follow along with the basic plot points. It's standard practice in TV. The show ought to pick up pace from here onward, now that they've gotten the recap material out of the way and given most of those plotlines a step forward.

    Hell, some of them took huge leaps forward, particularly the Dorne plot. I'm not particularly fond of the Sand Snakes, but holy shit are they rushing that plot forward. That's the kind of shit you'd expect near the end of a season for most shows, not in the opening episode. Brienne and Sansa finally linking up is also a pretty big deal, especially if all the speculation I've seen about Stannis still being alive turns out to be true. Melisandre turning out to be a rather old woman using a glamour to take on the look of a seductress was neat, shows she can do truly magical things other than make shadow babies, and that magic of hers will certainly have an impact on the stuff going on at the Wall.

    Then, if all that isn't enough to get you excited for the rest of the season, there are still two big plotlines that should be showing up next episode: Bran and his warg shenanigans, and the Ironborn finally doing something other than being mentioned.

    Overall I liked the episode for what it was, and I'm more hyped than ever to see what comes next.
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  19. Spoiler
    That's one thing I don't get either. Why didn't Jaime do that? He had no way to know that the ruler of Dorne (forgot his name) was dead. They couldn't have been too far gone from Dorne.

    And I was actually thinking, since I have seen the leaked photo of dead Tristain, that it was either Jaime or Bronn who killed him. Hm...
  20. It was basically just to show who was still in it they need to go back to where they take 3 for 3 episodes and show them then switch. This was one of the worst episodes. oh let's jump here yup their still here okay nothing happens let's jump here. Yup their all still here nothing happens. 5 secs for this person and back to jumping
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