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Got Ideas, but need partners.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by QUEENIE, Apr 13, 2015.

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  1. Hey guys, The names Autumn_Burns_Red (as you can tell). I am looking for some Roleplay buddies to try out these plots.

    A little bit about me and RP!! :)
    -I am mostly on multiple times a day or at least to try to be. I reply a lot and am looking for someone who replies often.
    -I can write long paragraphs, but if you notice there are not so long, it just means I am not sure how to respond with a large paragraph.
    -I don't mind earring other plot ideas, in fact I love to. Some of these plots are borrowed, because I love them so much.
    -I can play either girl or guy characters.
    -I don't mind doing a plot with with TWO different people individually if you really expressed a interest in that Plot!
    -Oh and I would like to do this in PM! If you don't mind! If that is a deal breaker, I can do thread no problem.

    -Romance, I love it! But if it gets to steamy, let us fade to black. I will leave the minds to wonder.
    -Sometimes I go back and read through the posts a little, so I like you to try and make the post lengthy, though if you can't on some I will understand.
    -I am open to almost any kind of Roleplay, and will try anything at least once.


    Saint's Preserve Us - Set in present day, Muse A is a Hunter of Demons. When out on a job, they run into Muse B, who is a fallen Angel hunting demons. Muse A doesn't believe at first, and insists that it is a trick, and begins to hunt Muse B. Muse B finds a way to convince Muse A of their angelic heritage, and explains why they left. Muse B tells of how a traitor Angel is working with demons and that other Angels does not believe it is happening, than asks Muse A to help him figure out who exactly is the traitor to Heaven, Muse A accepts. (Muse A and Muse B may or may not develop feelings for each other)

    Superman - Muse A is a wounded Solider, and upon losing feeling in their left arm is sent home. Once home, Muse A must start repairing their relationships with their family. Struggling with the lack of feeling whole, Muse A starts to feel like they are worthless. Soon Muse A picks up a part time job at a Car shop, and runs into Muse B who needs things to fix their car. Muse A recognizes Muse B as their High School crush, and they reconnect as friends. Muse A starts to have feelings again about Muse B and learns that Muse B is married. Muse A is still interested in Muse B.

    NY Love- When Muse A is told that they earned a promotion they were excited, but when they learned it would be in New York it kinda was less exciting. When they take the promotion, and move to NY, they have a few days off to settle in. When Muse A goes to the supermarket, they meet Muse B, who is a jerk. A few days after their encounter, Muse A starts work...to meet Muse B, who is their new boss. After about a few months, Muse B and Muse A start to grow on each other, and things begin to escalate, only to find that Muse A doesn't know if they want a relationship.

    (FxM) or (MxM)
    The Wrong Hit- Muse A is a professional hitman who, despite his soft and happy nature, has ruthlessly killed every person he was ordered to. He was currently sitting in his customer’s home, tapping his fingers on the desk as the customer explained the details of who he wanted done for. Muse A was taken aback when he realized something as the customer slid a photo his way. He was best friends with the victim, Muse B. (Not really romantic)

    (FxM) or (MxM)
    Fresh Air - Decades after the severe pollution left the Earth in habitable, Muse A, grandchild of one of the few survivors who escaped the dying planet, returns to Earth in search stable living environments. Born on a space station and raised in a space society untouched by the pollution, Muse A has never seen the Earth and knows little of what happened before the humans left. He and his crew must now face the desolate wasteland of After Earth. When they discover and group of survivors, they are surprised to see that they are perfectly okay, thanks to their leaders; Muse A asks to meet their leader. Muse A is expecting to meet a group of elders, but finds a young leader, Muse B. Muse B explains that they are the child of the past leader, and they family has guided the survivors since they weren't able to make it on the Space Station. Muse A begins to learn of their ways down on Earth, and Muse A and Muse B become close.

    Brave in Your Arms- Muse A lives in an abusive environment. For years, Muse A has kept what goes on behind closed doors a secret, for fear of what their abuser might do if anyone found out. One night, the chaos and the fear become too much to bear alone any more. When there’s an opportunity, Muse A escapes with no plan of returning. Muse A runs straight to Muse B (their best friend or former flame) and confesses everything that’s been taking place, begging to stay with them until they can figure out what to do next. Muse B promises to keep Muse A safe no matter what, and that they’ll figure out what to do in the morning. Relieved and grateful for Muse B’s comforting, Muse A spontaneously kisses Muse B. Though surprised, Muse B doesn’t pull away.

    The Fosters-Muse A is a foster child who has spent 3 months in juvenile hall for a crime they didn’t commit. They are let out on parole only to be sent to a different foster home, one with two mothers, and three other kids, two of which happen to be adopted. Muse B is the oldest child in the new foster home Muse A is staying at. Muse A doesn't want to fit in at the new home feeling that they’re not going to stay long enough to make any kind of connection. Muse B tries to get on Muse A’s good side seeing behind their hostile nature at the lonely kid inside. Muse A ends up running away a day after being in the foster home to go and rescue their little sibling from their abusive ex foster parent. Now, Muse A and their sibling are living in the new foster home, but Muse A’s only concern is that their sibling is safe. Over time, Muse A and Muse B develop feelings for each other even though Muse B has a boyfriend/girlfriend that doesn't like Muse A. But will past experiences keep Muse A from falling for Muse B? And will Muse A warm up to their foster home or will things just come crashing down?

    Summer House- A group of friends decide to rent a beach house together for one month of summer. Due to a terrible thunderstorm on the day that everyone is supposed to arrive, only Muse A and Muse B show up on the first afternoon. Weather conditions become so poor that the roads are closed and the rest of their friends aren't able to make it until the storm clears up (2 days later). On their own for the first weekend, Muse A and Muse B bond, exploring the house, cooking together, talking until morning, eventually giving in to a strong physical attraction between them the night before everyone else arrives.

    Forced Together- Muse A is a straight A student in high school who knows pretty much everything about academics, Muse B is well the opposite in High School. Muse B is a drinker, smoker and well anything bad, and parties way too much. When the two are paired for a Science project, neither of them are happy about it. Muse B and Muse A don't get along. Muse A forces Muse B to come over to their house in order to begin and brainstorm their project, Muse B isn't excited. When Muse B arrives they are nothing but polite to Muse A's family, but when it came to doing the project Muse B wasn't too nice about it. One night, when the two are working together, things become complicated and they hook up. Muse B realizes that they have feelings for Muse A, when they go to tell Muse A they find out that Muse A is in a relationship. Though Muse A is beginning to have feelings for Muse B as well. What will they do?

    Just PM about the Plot you want to do! (I will also Strike out the Plot when there is two people wanting to do, and are doing that plot)
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  2. I would be interested in Ny love, the fosters and Summer house...I really love all of those ones :)
  3. The wrong hit sounds like a good one, as well as Forced together. :)
  4. Just message me with which one you would like to do.
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