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He ran up the field, the ball in his control. He passed through the defense, the only thing left between him and the goal was the goalie. Seeing an opening as he got closer, he took a chance and kicked the ball. In just a couple more seconds, the ball hit the top left corner and slid into the goal with ease. The goalie didn't stand a chance.

"Yes!" he exclaimed to himself before running back. The clock read only four seconds left. He made the winning shot just in time. Grinning from ear to ear, he jogged off the field. It was the first time their school beat this team in almost six years. It was a great victory, to be sure.

"Great game, guys," the coach said, "so hit the showers. There won't be a post game practice tonight."

"Sweet!" "Awesome!" "Thanks, Coach!" the others said as the news sank in and the excitement doubled.

"Let's go out and celebrate," someone said, bumping Tyler "Ty" Jackson. "Whaddya say, Ty? You game?"

"You bet. Let's go out for pizza. I'm starving!" he said, bumping the player back as they started for the locker room to shower and change into their street clothes.
Eliza snapped a few piures of the game and the victory. It was a victory worth waiting for and it wasn't something new that he was a natural along with his handsome looks. After the game she walked out and let her hair out of her ponytail. She always kept her hair out of her face when snapping pictures for the school newspaper. "This is going to be a story worth publishing." She muttered, flipping through the pictures. "And it's no doubt that the guy is hot."
Dressing in his cargo jeans and a brand new soccer jersey from his favorite college team, Ty left the locker room first. His short black hair was still wet, making it look like he had rushed through to get out of the locker room. Which was true. He couldn't stand the locker rooms after a game, especially when they won. Everyone was too excited and kept goofing off, and Ty was not interested in participating. He stood outside and shook his head, droplets of water going flying.
Eliza hummed a song as she continued to flip through the pictures, wondering which one would look best. "is it truly possible for someone to be so photogenic." She muttered. It certainly wasn't a bad thing, but it was just making the thought process extremely difficult. A drop of water splashed onto the LCD screen of her DSLR and Eliza made haste to clear it off.

"Are you serious? Can you shell out seven hundred bucks to pay for this camera?!" She shouted at the culprit, not knowing it was Tyler.
Ty blinked. Twice.

"Oh, hey, sorry! I didn't see anyone around," he said, laughing nervously. He didn't mean to hit anyone or anything, he just wanted the water to stop dripping into his eyes.

"So, you were taking pictures of the game again?" he asked. "Does, like, no one else want that boring job? I see you at the field quite a bit."
"It's not boring at all." Eliza stated. "It takes a lot of dedication and time. You think that using a DSLR is that easy? Please, that's for all the teenagers that don't know what they're doing and just feel that they can do whatever they want and make it into 'photography'. NO, it's about capturing the best moment at the best time. Like someone in mid-jump or a dress falling down as a little girl is twirling, smiling in the sun. It's about a back story."
Eliza looked him up and down then sighed. "But you wouldn't get that would you?"

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Ty just smiled as she went off on her tangent, and then shook his head.

"Nah, I don't understand what you say, but I can see you really like photography. You'll have to let me see some of your other pictures some time," he said just as some of the other guys came shoving out of the locker room. He looked at them and then turned back to Eliza. "I guess I'll see you around."

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Eliza's eyes followed him until he was out of her line of sight. When she was sure he couldn't see her, she swooned a little inside. He really is hot. Shaking her head, she walked over to the school gates right outside of the field and then proceeded to walk down the sidewalk to the corner.
"There's a little pizza place on the corner, I'm starving. I should get some pizza and some pasta for Caleb, he's so picky." She said to herself.
Shifting her bag over her shoulder, she crossed the street.
Fifteen teenage boys crowded into the pizza place, jostling each other and laughing and celebrating amongst themselves as they pulled some tables together for them to sit. Ty was given the responsibility of ordering the five pizzas and handed everyone's donation for the cost. He pushed one of the guys and headed to the counter. As soon as he ordered, Eliza walked in and caught his attention.

Grinning, he turned to her.

"Following me?" he joked.
Eliza turned to face him, brushing her hair back with her fingers.
" There isn't a place for miles that has take out, so I just come here. My brother's hungry."
She stepped around him and walked up to the counter.
"Hi, I'd like...a large pizza--thin crust--with pepperoni please. Also, throw in a chicken alfredo." She said kindly to Joe, the man working--and making--the parlor.
"Yeah, sure 'Liza. You want the usual with that too?"
"Na, Joe. I haven't gotten my paycheck and my photos aren't making the money they used to."
Joe nodded. He took the pencil from behind his ear and scribbled on it. Rubbing his hands on his white shirt, Joe set to work.
"Don't worry 'Liza, you'll get there."

Eliza smiled and turned to sit at one of the aluminum tables. Her light brown eyes scanned the parlor and she wasn't too surprised when she found that most of the customers were from the soccer team. She often caught them hanging out here after a victory, of course they never noticed her.
Ty watched her for a moment before returning to the table with the guys to wait on the pizza to be ready. He couldn't figure out why Eliza got so defensive over his question. He was just joking. That, or she didn't really get defensive, it was just exasperation over what she was doing at the time. He didn't even notice that the other guys had been trying to get his attention. Soon enough, he was involved in the discussion and all but forgot about Eliza.
"'Liza! Your order's up." Joe shouted.
Eliza stood up and balanced the two orders on one hand while trying to hand him the money. She handed him a large bill and asked him to keep the change. He needed the money as well as she did, so it wasn't a big deal to her. Using her body, she opened the door and walked out. She looked both ways before crossing the street and headed home. The street lights were slightly brighter than usual so it wasn't too scary walking down the sidewalk alone. She made it to the door and fumbled for her keys.

"Whoa, 'Liza, someone's got a load today. What? Jason's hungry?" A voice said from the house next door.
Looking up, Eliza realized that it was Caleb, her next door neighbor. Laughing she nodded.
"Yeah, he's always hungry. I'm not looking forward to having him go into hell week next year."
"Well, you could always send him to my house, we'll be going to practices and my mom's always cooking."
"I'm going to take that offer, I can't spend money like this all the time."
She opened the door and a wall of blasting music seemed to simply ambush her ears. Cringing she shrugged.
"Gotta go!" She shouted over the loud music.
With his belly full, he started to realize that he was worn out from the game. Excusing himself from the group, who would probably be there until the place closed, he left to head home. He was the only child of a middle income family. And he often came home to an empty house because his father was always on business trips and the company paid for him mother to go along with him. Dropping his backpack by the door he called out an "I'm home" more from habit than from need.

The exhaustion catching up to him from a great game, he walked up the stairs and into him room, collapsing in bed without bothering to change.
In the morning, Eliza got up and found her arm quite sore. It was either carrying the pizza for five blocks or holding the camera for 2 hours. It didn't matter though, it was just the fact that it hurt. Also, there was a kink in her neck that she couldn't figure out how to let it go.

"Great." She groaned.

She walked to her closet and chose a graphic tee, an oversized, navy blue blazer, and a pair of dark blue jeans to wear to school that day and then shuffled over to the bathroom. She found it locked and banged on the door.

"JOHNNY!!" She shouted. "Stop hogging the bathroom! You take longer than I do!"
Tapping her foot o the wood flooring and when her younger brother emerged five minutes later, her glared at her and she simply rolled her eyes. After washing up and changing, she walked down the stairs and yawned. There were still five slices of pizza left, so she took one, threw it in the microwave, and heated it up. She stretched her arms over her head and yawned. Her messy, wavy hair fell down her back and her light brown eyes were a bit tired. Staying up late at night doing homework and sorting out pictures for the newspaper was tiring and she was a first hand victim.

Another ten minutes passed by before she went out the door and started walking the small five-minute walk to school.
Ty groggily rose from the bed and stripped from his clothes to take a quick shower. He didn't bother with clothes and left his room to enter the bathroom in just his boxers, which weren't on him when he left the bathroom. Once in his room, he pulled on fresh boxers, a pair of khaki cargo pants, and forest green shirt.

He grabbed a pop-tart from the cabinet and pulled on his tennis shoes before grabbing his backpack and getting in his car to drive to school. Making it a good ten minutes before the first bell, he went to the cafeteria to eat his pop-tart and goof off with whoever else he could find this early in the morning.
Eliza sat down on the bench next to a massive oak tree. The sky was a light gray with clouds hovering over the sky. It wasn't horrible...but sullen. The dewy grass was glimmering in the slight sunlight and she sighed. The kink in her neck was still there and he put a hand behind it and rolled her head to one side. She hated Mondays.

Figuring it wasn't going to be a great day, she clasped her hands on her lap and sat quietly, listening to the slight rustling leaves and the chirping of birds. It was a good morning at least. A slight breeze blew her hair behind her face and she crossed her legs in front of her. She looked very elegant and calm as she sat in the middle of the field outside of the small cafeteria.
None of the people he felt like talking to were in the cafeteria, and it was getting too noisy for him today. He frowned and left to sit outside to eat his pop-tart. Opening it up, he took a bite of one as he stepped outside. Seeing Eliza, he smiled and took another bite.

"What's up?" he asked as he started to approach so he didn't startle her.
Eliza looked at him calmly.
"The clouds, I guess." She answered.
Turning her head she felt the slight pang in her neck again and cringed a little. Eliza rubbed her neck and sighed again. Her neck was stiff and she didn't like it at all, it was quite uncomfortable.
"Stiff neck?" he asked, wrapping up his pop-tart. "Lemme see."

He motioned for her to turn so her back was to him, and once she had done so, he put down the pop-tart and began to rub her shoulders and base of her neck for a little bit.

"Better, maybe a little anyway?"
Eliza felt a shiver run down her spine and butterflies formed in her stomach. She sat up straighter and cleared her throat.
"Um..yeah. Thank you." She stammered.
Fiddling with her fingers, she looked down at the ground as she felt her face heat up and it wouldn't surprised her if he could feel it. It was obvious that she didn't go out very often. She was the one that wasn't noticed. A wallflower. So it wasn't something new that she would blush in such a situation.