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All right, so I've got this idea... and I wanna do an interest check before filling out the Sign ups

Angels - two different types. The Seraphim, white winged angels, and the Valkryies, the black winged angels, have been waging war over territory for as long as they can remember because the territory, a sacred place, supposedly contains an herb that no one knows the use for but its precious and only grows in this territory.

Imagine Australia being split up into three parts - Western for Seraphim, Easter for Valkryie, and the Central being Neutral because of the humans, which is also where the fighting seems to take place. Humans have taken sides as well, going so far as to fight each other at times when someone has brought up their opinions of the other's favored side. Plus there's the island territory that contains this herb they're fighting for that no one knows what its for.

So, anyone interested?