Got a Craving here O.e

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  1. I've got an itching for a few oneXone roleplays! I'll post them with a key code to help you read the list a little better :P I'm open to brainstorming! Actually it's a requirement (I like my partners to be involved with the roleplay thought process)
    * The role I'd like to play
    ~ I'm craving it so frickin bad that I'll play either role, even if it's not the preferred one.
    ~ Any Canon x Original Character *
    Once I get a partner who is willing to roleplay with me, we'll discuss a plot, but for now I'll leave this one pretty open to suggestions

    Male x female *
    It can be any kind of roleplay really. Still open to plot suggestions. I'm thinking arranged marriage? But if you have other ideas and would like to discuss something, that's totally fine with me

    Zombie/Post Apocalyptic
    Male x female *
    female x female
    Anything really

    • Please stay active! I understand when real life gets in the way and that always comes first, but please!! If you are no longer interested, let me know! It's totally fine with me
    • Quality! Quality! Quality! Please give me something to work with! That being said: I require a minimum post of at LEAST 2 paragraphs. If you can't write that much but are looking to learn and better yourself, I have no problem helping you out.
    • Be flexible. Chances are the rp goal will chance more then once. I like getting a basic plot and seeing how things go. I'm not one for complete structure that must be followed. I'm a very go with the flow kind of roleplayer.

  2. I have an idea for the female x female zombie idea if you haven't found someone already. Let me know. :)
  3. Sounds great!! Send me a message and we can hash out the details.