Got a character, but no ideas. Looking for M for FxM

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  1. I think the title already states my problem, so let's move on to the more important stuff.
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    Name: Jessica
    Alias: Jess
    Age: 19
    Occupation: Varies with the rp. Can have a job, but will most likely start without one.

    -Special Power-​
    Tactile Telekinesis
    Jessica's body is completely surrounded by an invisible field of telekinetic energy, protecting her from harm and enhancing her physical abilities. This makes Jessica almost invulnerable, gives her strikes more power, as well as her jumps, but does not enhance her stamina, strength, or running speed.

    Weaknesses: Long range combat

    Talents: Combat strategy. Physical education

    Inabilities: Housework

    General Personality
    Jessica will seem like a very strong girl on the outside. Not afraid of any form of injury, tough, bossy, but also protective of those around her. She also has the bad habit of raising her voice when angered just a bit, which is a bad combo with her short patience.

    Inner Personality
    Her true personality is quite the contrary. While she may seem like she doesn't like anyone, she just hides her feelings with her rough behavior. She covers her feelings and shows them very rarely, and in ways someone might not understand on first sight.

    As far as Jessica can remember, she was always the too honest type, and also the one that got into little fights with (in her opinion) dumb people. One time, it kinda escalated when an older boy hit one of her friends. She straight out jumped at him, and despite her size, beat him up good and chased him away. Jessica noticed that when she beat him and was beaten, it felt so damn easy. She got curious and tried various things, ranging from punching sandbags, to weightlifting, and running. While she was not that good at lifting, she was able to deal quite some damage for someone of her age. What started as interest became a hobby, and she would often be found training about the time she became 14.

    During her mid and high school time, her attitude didn't change. She got known for being trouble for those with too many bad ideas (sprayers, jerks, you name it). Because of that, people were afraid to approach her, and at first it bothered her. When her parents heard of that, her father was against her behavior, thinking that she should just fit in with the masses and work on a sports career. Her mother was not fully with her, but encouraged her to be herself, even if she got in trouble because of that.

    A couple of years later, her parents divorced. Her father was caught cheating by her mother, and kicked out by Jessica herself. They broke all contact with him and made it very clear that neither of them wanted anything to do with him. About half a year later, her mother died in a car accident. Jessica became more quiet since then, but kept her rough personality.

    When she finished high school, she was recruited into the military and accepted, but quite after 2 months. It just didn't suit her. Jessica became known for being a pain for street gangs when they crossed her path. No matter their numbers or weapons, she always won and robbed them. It is not her main job though. She takes whatever job suits her, continues to fight back if confronted, and makes enough to live in a small house.

    -Because of her attitude, she has only few friends, and none of them is a boyfriend (and it pisses her off if someone talks about that subject with her).
    -Despite being able to defeat whole gangs on her own, she had no intention of making it her main profession.
    -She should never be allowed to cook anything advanced.

    I can and will post numerous times a week, if I am interested enough in an RP and won't be suddenly ditched
    If you do not post without letting me know your afk abilities longer than a week I will drop you flat. No questions asked.
    Story line is a must, not just sex sex sex sex sex and more sex. Of course I won't mind it at all, but I just love learning everyone's characters.
    My posts will Never ever be one sentence. I do not feel that is fair to anyone to work with and not right of me to do. For myself, I generally write about about of 1-3 paragraphs. But that's just me. I'd at least like the common courtesy of my partner posting at least 1 paragraph. Just don't give me a one liner, cause then I won't post back.

    Grammar and punctuation is generally a decent thing of mine but I will make mistakes X3
    Don't ask me to do a gay/lesbian/orgy sort of thing, or rp over PMs, it will never happen. Not that there is anything wrong with it of course. I just don't like it. Simple as that.

    Let's have fun, if either of us have a problem; lets talk about it! I'd rather solve an problem than ignore it.
    No kids or pregnancy in my rps, I just don't find them remotely that fun to work with.
    Don't expect me just to move the story line forward, we need to work together. And lets bounce idea's off one another.

    Any questions? Feel free to ask. I'll answer ASAP.

    It is a kinda rough idea, but I think she would need someone who can help her with her daily routine. Someone who can make meals, keep the house somewhat clean, wash clothes, ect.
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  2. Whoa...I like the character a lot ^-^

    I can think of a few things plot wise that we could do, but nothing more than slice of life at the moment.

    PM me if you feel like talking about it.
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