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    Will you be on the Inside or the Outside..?

    Hey there , Upper East Sider's.. Look who's back and in full swing. You know what they say? Can't keep a legend down forever.. New year is here and out with the old. Ready to spill all the truth and gossip all over again? I know I can't wait.. Let the games begin and all the juicy drama unravel..

    You know you love me
    XOXO , Gossip Girl
    Most of New York City knows all to well of the great Gossip Girl. Some loved her whilst others well.. Let's just say weren't overly fond of GG. She had her days of being notorious when Blair , Serena and that entire golden group ruled the Hall's of Constance and then ruled all of Upper Manhattan. Now , their reign is over and a fresh batch has been served up to all of New York City. The New generations have now entered their prime in age and have begun their new reign in court. The glamour , wealth , power , seduction and the want to be seen for being superior runs rapid in the city. Yet , all these people have one thing in common that is the sole truth. They all have their secrets and are willing to do whatever it takes to bury them away.

    But , we all know that nothing can remain buried forever in life.. In this new year , we will see where the lives of those of Constance and those tied into the world will lead to. You thought , I was dead and gone.. You can never be rid of me. Because there will always be someone on the outside dying to get on the inside as I told you once.

    Who am I now? Well that's a secret I will never tell..

    Hey there all! Now , this only a rough draft.. I kept my plot brief because, in all honesty we want this RP to be a building process. To let your characters develop on your own and let their story be your own. I'm one of your GM's and the lovely Blue is also a fellow GM! We are beyond excited to do this RP and once we see more interest , we will expand upon the plot idea and what route we are all going to take. This will be a TWO character limit and also make sure when placing interest to keep genders and sexuality EVEN! Rules , CS's and all will be done later. For now , this area is to place interest , do reserves and FC's and to talk about the RP. No Using Original Gossip Girl Cast for FC's.

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  3. Well of course Darlin' you know I am all about it! I do see the return of Skylar
  4. I've totally never seen Gossip Girl, but I'd be down for this!
  5. @Shayla I just finished binge watching GG season 1-6 all last month and I am here for this.

    Reserving two chars and I know I am making a Chuck like guy and a Serena like girl xD. I hate you soo much for this rp... Gah yes. Never been this excited for an rp lol.
  6. Pffft... I already was making a Serena kind of character! Blue and I came up with the idea to do one and I was like.. Hell yeah! You know you love me!
  7. Oh I am so Blair...
  8. You suck! Well then making a Chuck like guy and a Serena like guy so there xD. Serena like guy will literally be me xD. I do love u and your insane amount of rps.
  9. Are u making Blair because I'm making Chuck like guy? >.> xD
  10. Darlin ShayShay is my wifey, do you not think that this wasn't talked with BEFORE this was put up. Tsk tsk JUJU, Blair was to be mine... ask my wifey :D
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  11. XD well Chuck is all for me and a male version of Serena xD.
  12. Pfft.. I am only running two now a days , Mister. :D Of course , I was making a Serena kind of character , my dear! Then my other one will be wonderful as well.. :D You are totally twinning right now with me.

    Wifey does tell other Wifey everything soo.... She knew already all about it!
  13. This is going to be interesting... XD
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  14. Well as discussed I'm in.

    And I'll be making a nate-archibald-ish guy.. May as well have my char be the best friend of yours @Justinaholic.

    A ritch kid with his own penthouse and all that.. It has been a veeeeeeeery long time since I saw GG but I remember it quite well.

    I may port Xander Frost from the Familia but change him a bit.. Or I may make a new char. Anyhow, my FC will be changed regardless. XD
  15. Chuck and Nate type chars have to be best friends.

    Don't know fcs yet so probably will take a moment to come up with some good ones for both chars.
  16. Definetely.

    And yeah, I've gots to find a FC too.
  17. @Shayla how many peeps are you looking for? Since the circle of GG was pretty tight... with sides characters or I think will be NPCs and stuff maybe. Now that this is a NonLib one I can probably tag way more of my friends up here who either don't do lib or are under 18. Just let me know so I can tag peeps for this... Tag Master XD.
  18. I am doing Selena Gomez for one of my FC
  19. Okay so I am thinking of doing another character but not which way to go for it. Not sure if I should bring another of my Familia characters or not
  20. Tag away! We need more people anyway!
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