Gopher TUNA!

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  1. Hello chummies! It is nice to meet your acquaintance. I am Raynie_Taco the third- of high rank nobility at that- and I am here to be blessed with the wonders of writing. Please, if you may, provided this gift to yours truly.

    No, but seriously- I am crazy bananas. And when I say crazy, I mean the whole ten yards. Don't believe me, ask the voices in my head.

    I try to bring the humor- and the funk- but if the situation calls for a sense of sensitivity and seriousness... I ask the gal next to me to spout some lyrical magic. That is me; it is what I do.

    So as I procrastinate once again to post this simple introduction, I am listening to Disney songs and failing to sing along with it. <3 your welcome :)
  2. What? How crazy!! You titled your post "Gopher Tuna" too?!!! It's official. Let's be friends.
  3. -hungry grabby hands at the taco- !!!!!!

    -clears my throat- Um, Welcome to iwaku! Its nice to have you here.

    This is a wonderful place where you can make friend, write, read and relax.

    Its nice to have you for dinner....i mean in our community.

    I hope that you enjoy your stay and if you need any help, feel free to ask us! =)
  4. Welcome to iwaku.
  5. You must be related to Rory or Sakura or someone like them here on Iwaku, lol! Welcome :)
  6. Thanks everyone! Uh... Taco power go!
  7. Raynie_Taco? Interesting name!..Along with your ranking.

    Humor..AND THE FUNK!? Oh man, Iwaku is bound for some epicness then!

    I'm..That one pirate, that's right! ^^ And also another source of help if you need it!

    See ya soon!