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    How ARE you all doing this fantastic evening!? I say evening but really it's. 5:37 am for me, why am I up? I don't know!!! Maybe it's three cocaine! Just kidding I don't do cocaine, it's a no-no on the military. That right you heard me, loud and proud I'm in the military. United States Marine Corps, I'm in the marines, But I'm not yet a Marine. How's that you ask? I haven't gone to not camp yet. March 23rd if your curious. Anyhow. This weird set of high every part pastedness is me. I like just about all RP herbs and I like to think I work well in any group, so check out my page, check out my RP resume abd shoot me a request! :D
  2. I should probably also say, I'm new here. Clearly, but not new to Rpong. Hm Rpong, i wonder if that's sine foreign version of ping pong. Anyway, I'm not new to RPing, your not dealing with a Complete newbie here
  3. Welcome sir! I hope you enjoy the awesome community here :D
  4. I love that movie....

    Welcome to Iwaku!
  5. Hello to you sir!
    Here's a welcome to Iwaku for ya!