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  1. You'll notice we have one less forum on the Content Index!

    When we made the Challenges forum is was before we had the Roleplay Institute and the Worldbuilding Guild!. It was our sole section for inspiration and creativity along with the Writing and Art Museum.

    Since then, the Institute, Guild, and WAM have become wonderful hubs of learning and muse exercising! Often we've experienced a lot of confusion too about challenges vs exercises and the best sections to post certain kinds of content. Especially when we're working really hard to get these areas active member participation.

    With that in mind, we've retired the big challenges forum. All challenges have been split between the 3 content forums. In some cases a challenge fit more than one section, so we picked the one we thought fit the best. So if you have a challenge in the wrong section, you can use the Request Form to get it moved to the right place! If your prefix is incorrect, you can edit it yourself with the Thread Tools.

    We hope with some of the new prefix sets, that it will inspire people for create new unique kinds of challenges as well!

    Yaaaaay forum evolution!
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  2. A challenger has appeared.
    Edit: No longer applicable

    Got it, Diana. Ya know, if I was really childish, I might have made an digivolution joke. But nope, not me. I am so grown up and mature.
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  3. No Digivolution jokes. Those are for kids.

    This is a class establishment. We do things properly around here.

    IWAKU is evolving!
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  4. Not gonna lie @Diana , that move was less frightening and crazy than I had expected XD The new subforums makes it easy too!~

  5. I like the change. It makes all of the sense.

    I'm also curious about trophy points thing though. Will the Creative Challenger one be removed entirely? Will it be left as a legacy thing that is retained by those who have earned it but is now unobtainable? Will it remain in existence and just look at how many threads you've created in the new challenge subforums? Will submitting challenges affect the Guildmaster and Professor trophies for the Guild and Institute? So many questions for something so insignificant! :P
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  6. I too was admittedly trying to work my way up to getting those silly points for the creative challenges XD
  7. I forgot all about those damn trophy things. o___o

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  8. @Diana You realize the title is misspelled? >>'
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  9. goon /ɡo͞on/
    noun informal
    • a silly, foolish, or eccentric person.
    • NORTH AMERICAN a bully or thug, especially one hired to terrorize or do away with opposition.
      • a squad of goons waving pistols

    dight /dīt/
    adjective archaic
    • clothed or equipped.
    verb literary
    • make ready for a use or purpose; prepare.
      • let the meal be dighted

    From this, my dear @AkikoYukito, I know not what to make. Perhaps it is @Diana's intent to prepare our sweet challenge forum to terrorize; to equip it with that which it needs to challenge our opposition, if you will.

    But no matter what the end goal turns out to be, I cannot help but shiver with dread.
  10. But those are two separate words, not one as it is written. That would be improper English. Surely @Diana knows better?

    Besides, I read it as "Goodnight" before I realized that it's misspelled, so I assumed that's what it was meant to be.

    Am I wrong?
  11. No, it was totally a misspelling. I was just playing around.

    However, merging two words together like that is not uncommon in English. Technically incorrect, but used regularly for stylistic purposes.
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  12. She does that intentionally. It's just her thing. :P
  13. She doesn't do it on purpose. But it's still her thing :D
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  14. I actually DO do it on purpose. >:[ I also speak Goondights too!
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  15. Must be ancient English...
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  16. If you continue doing it on purpose I will start pointing out EVERY error again. -Goes into grammar nazi mode-
  17. I hope you enjoy getting fired! 8D
  18. -Puts away grammar natzi mode- Fine, I'll wait until I don't feel like modding the forum anymore. THEN I'll go full out on you MOHAHHAHAHAH
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  19. Being Diana is suffering.
  20. I came here for the goondights, and got this?! >:[ Awful advertisement!
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