Googly Eyes and 2016

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Which should I go with for 2016?

  1. Realistic

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  2. Googly Eyes

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  1. So folks I need your opinion.

    Now I promised you fine people to have nothing but googly eyes for a year. Well, I was gone for most of the year this year because of work, family, and me being rather sick most of the time. So, you haven't gotten new googly eyed avatars to stare at, just old ones.

    But I don't know whether or not I should keep the googly eyes for next year, or if I should go with a realistic theme. Or just do whatever, my point is, should I keep the googly eyes as my theme for Iwaku? I'm 100% fine with that but I can't make up my mind what I want to do and figured I'd ask everyone or those who bother to reply.

    So on your vote I will choose my next theme! Be it realistic or googly eyes.
  2. Your Avatar, your choice.

    Don't let others decide for you dude.
    And don't let any amount of hate for your creative photoshopping drag you down either! :P

    For my legion of Avatars are behind you.



  3. The ultimate decision will be made by me, just need opinion because my indecisive brain is indecisive. Or is it? I think. Maybe. I dunno.
  4. I choose googly eyes because screw eye horror.
  5. You're asking for the whole year though.

    You could easily change your mind later on.
  6. This is true, hm.

    Damn you Magic, now I have to really think about this.

    I do like my googly eyes, though they are hard to find and believe it or not I do not know how to photoshop (probably easy as shit and I just am too lazy to learn)
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  7. In all honesty I use Photoshop as a universal term there.
    All my editing is done with Gimp and Snagit. :P
  8. If you want to do googly eyes, do googly eyes until you're tired of them. If you're bored of googly eyes, do something else

    Fuck the masses, man, its YOUR avatar.
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  9. Voted for googly eyes because googly eyes.

    I don't really give a shit what you do with your avatar though. :b
  10. [​IMG]

    ...That is all.
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  11. Don't listen to all these assholes telling you to do whatever you want, do googly eyes because that's what I voted for.

    Man. O_O Maybe I should do a 2016 theme... I haven't done a themed avatar set in a while and everyone is still thinking I am an owl after the last one...
  13. I voted googly eyes. Maybe I can mail you some googly eyes as an xmas present and you can stick them on things to take pictures of for avatars? lol I dunno.

    Combine your two identities so that you can be...

    Owlcat. (Notanowlcat? lolw/e)
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  14. /me will carry on her Konaface trend even if the lot of ye beg me to stop.

    Cause I like it
  15. Googly eyes you cheese heathen.
  16. @LogicfromLogic Oh dear god, that googly-eyed Judge Dredd avatar is GLORIOUS.
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  17. If you're worried about running out of googly-eyes avatars, here's something I stumbled across a while back that I've been meaning to share with you.

    ...I don't know if you like Black Butler or even know what it is but there you go~
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