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  1. I am looking to start a goofy Pirate RP! I have a really loose plot in mind. But the goal is just to play a care free group of pirates. The main themes would be goofy and action. The more ridiculous the better! Sure there may be room for drama and the likes.

    Here is what I am NOT looking for
    -Crude sexual humor
    -Senseless murder
    -Magical pirates (As in no wiz biz)

    Why you ask? Because I am looking for light hearted goofiness.

    So if you have interest in such a thing, post it up mate!
  2. This sounds like it would be nice to just kick back and relax too. I could really use some humor. Depending on the specific plot, I'm in.
  3. The main plot is very stereotypical. We are going to the bla bla bla Island of doom to get the cursed buried treasure. Along the way the bla bla bla navy gets in our way, then there's a rival pirate ship we gotta combat. And some where along the way we learn something about ourselves. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

    I am keeping it simple because I want people to flush out characters more. Engage in witty banter and ridiculous sword play. The more creative we get with characters the more intrigue we can throw into the story. I'd even be down for some occasional 4th wall breaks. Savy?
  4. As long as the booty is a mountain of rum I'm in! Haha sounds good to me though.
  5. I could get on board with this. Colour me interested.
  6. Excellent! I will also say that we should keep the writing to at least an intermediate level. None of these two line posts nonsense! Let's do our best to add good content to this! Slapstick humor is also welcomed. We need a clever name for our ship/ crew! Perhaps the mighty Vessel will be called Daunting Duck....or the Perilous Parakeet! Or we could just call it Put-Put... :)

    Sweet! I will create the sign up forum and OOC thread. I think we need to build a wee bit more before we are ready to sail!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.