Goodbye X-Files! :(

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  1. Tonight is the night. The last of the 6 teasers that Fox is delivering to all of us nerds. I for one will depressed to see it go.

    However, my husband seems to think that the ratings will encourage Fox to bring the series back. (Although I doubt it considering Firefly has yet to make a reappearance!)

    Anyone else going to be depressed? Expecting Fox to bring it back full time again? Or glad to see it go?
  2. They brought it back.. And it's over again?

    Haven't seen any of them yet cause we cut our cable months ago.

    Or is it like Sherlock/Who where they take months long hiatus between episodes?
  3. They brought it back for six episodes. Don't know what they're going to do now that it's over. I know I'm hoping that they bring it back, but it's unlikely.
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  4. Oh I gotcha. Were they any good compared to the originals?

    I'm probably more in favor of letting sleeping dogs lie in the case of old shows being rebooted. Least they brought Duchovny and Anderson though.

    Gonna check Hulu for them later.
  5. It was fun :'( <3
  6. I missed the last episode, but the ones before it were good. Definitely different than the original, but it didn't feel forced in the way you might expect it to.
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  7. Unless the show is heading for a satisfying conclusion or a general series reboot, I don't really want to see it come back again just to get stretched out into a quiet, sobbing, mediocre death like it had before. :ferret:
  8. Pretty sure they just set it up for a reboot. Either that, or the world's suckiest finale...
  9. There better be sonething after that ending.

    Like, seriously. That was not an Ok ending!
  10. I was excited with the reboot, I just don't understand why they did it in the first place if they're not going to continue making episodes...
    That is obviously what everyone will want.
  11. No it was not! My husband and I were staring at the TV like 'That can't possibly be it!'

    I honestly think they're setting it up for a whole new season.
  12. Yeah, it's possible they were using this to test ratings and whatnot. The ratings were pretty damn good all throughout.
  13. Arent they making a second season of the new stuff? I swear I read about it somewhere
  14. I haven't heard anything, but it seems likely.
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