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  1. Good To You:
    Muse A is the daughter of a powerful mob boss. Very much a “daddy’s girl”, she’s spoiled rotten and does whatever she’s told. Muse B is an underling/the son of Muse A’s father’s greatest enemy. They meet, unknowing of each others identities and there is an undeniable spark between them. However, when they each discover the others identity, they insist on making it work— that is until their parents/bosses find out and force them apart. Will Muse A and Muse B accept this, or will they fight for each other?
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  2. Lex walked through the hall way in his home and ran his fingers through his hair, he sighed the scene from his childhood continuously playing through his head, he clenched his teeth, "one day..." , he shook his head and walked toward the entrance where his father mob men where, "I'm going out " , the men looked up "are you sure sir , we can come with", lex shook his head, "I'll be fine", lex knew they'd follow anyways, he kicked off some dirt from his shoes then slid his feet into them, he walked to his car and opened it, Turning the engine on he quickly pulled the strap over his chest and drove out of the drive way, he didnt know where he eas going, but he needed to be out of his house, he looked at the scenery and sighed, he finally came to a open shopping center deciding maybe a walk was what he needed.
  3. She smiled softly tying her hair up in a messy bun before she glanced at the full length mirror, holding up many of the numerous outfits her daddy had bought or her to see if they matched her mood for the day. After getting dressed she walked into her fathers study, after knocking of course to tell him she was going out with Alyson to the shopping mall,

    She smiled as she called her friend, as she drove in her expensive car down to the mall. Once Alyson had arrived they set out, browsing through all of the clothes, an hour later, she was stuck outside the ladies bathroom, her arms burdened with bags as she waited for her friend to be finished making out with the guy she'd dragged in there
  4. Lex walked by and saw that next to the restrooms was a vending machine. He walked toward it and saw a girl who was beautiful holding a bunch of shopping bags, he raised an eyebrow but went along his way to the machine. He put in a couple of dollars and brought a soda, "is therea line?", he said sipping his drink, as he looked at the trouble girl. He put a hand in his pocket as he waited for a reply.
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