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    Hello, I'm Terin Williams, I go to St. Clause, a school for the children of different clans. Clansmen or the next in line to take up clan leader go here. Unfortunately, I was not informed of this and went to this school anyways. I'm just a regular student, no notorious family or anything. Currently, In a class with 4 of the most know future clan leaders and their clansmen one slip up and I might be toast.

    (Your posts don't have to be super long & AT LEAST 4 PEOPLE TO START)
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  2. Loretta De Grant is my name. My family is quite known for their technology and inventions but none of that ever interests me. I'm sick and tired of living up to everyone's expectations but I can't have people knowing that. It would ruin my reputation as the 'perfect' child. Not that I care. It's my parents who care, being millionaires and all.

    ~~Switching to third person~~

    The tall long haired girl smiled softly as she waved her parents a farewell. Despite her smile, she really didn't want to remain at school. She'd rather be at home spending her day relaxing with a cup of tea in hand. School, in her view, is just a waste of time. The young girl never wanted to take over her parents. Never did she ever think of her future. Loretta pushed her glasses up and made her way to homeroom. She looked around the room. Girls and boys naturally divided themselves in various groups. Various stragglers sat in their respected seats. The brunette walked over to the window ledge, sitting there till class actually started.
  3. "Even though things aint right, never fear cuz heres kid DYNOMITE!!!" James Evans Jr. came strolling into the school with a cool attitude and funky colorful outfit on, which made him look like either a pimp or something from the 70s. His father was leader of a group called the Black Falcons, a large group of negros who laid claim to territories know to be associated with the slums, drugs and back alley dealings (;) )Because his father was a little uptight with money he had plenty to go around, but never spent a dime. "Whuzzup my honkey brothers?"
  4. "Just stick close to me, alright sis?" Michael Chase, son of Tristan and Olivia Chase, was the eldest of two kids. Next in line to run his clan, he kept it secret. He didn't want respect because he was born to it. He wanted to earn it. At seventeen, he was only a few years shy of taking over his clan, but he was willing to wait it out. His younger sister, Annabelle, was only sixteen. He was protective of her, but he knew she could handle herself.

    "I'm fine, Mikey." Annabelle said, looking at him with a chuckle. They refused to use their actual names in school, because they wanted to earn respect or not have it at all. Simple as that.
    "Please, Annie, not today." Michael said, looking at her with a slight laugh. But she did listen, and stayed close, not straying far at all. Not yet anyway.
  5. James, also going by JJ, looked over at the new kid who just strolled in. "Shoot, more of the man! You here to bring us down?" He said to the boy. Then he noticed the little white girl. He tilted his head up and smiled slyly. "Hey foxy mama!" He leaned back in his chair in a half attempt to get a better look at her. "Wuz your name?"
  6. Michael's clan did help enforce law, and he was tempted to say as much, but kept a civil tongue in his mouth. Barely. Annabelle only glanced at the boy then turned her head away, letting her brother handle it, as always. "Back off, tough guy, she doesn't have any interest in you." He could play body guard for her, but he was better playing protective brother.
  7. Loretta's head perked up at the sound of a distant yelling. God, where all people this loud? She jumped off the ledge and walked over only to have a small peek of the argument. A tall guy and a girl stood side by side. Guessing by their similar appearance, they were probably siblings. The other individual looked as if he was checking the girl out. He was probably going to get a beating of some sort. Loretta chuckled to herself.
  8. Jj just shrugged innocently. "Heeeey man. Keep cool. Is just talkin to the white fox. Ain't no thang." He smiled a big white grin and then looked over at the other girl. "Sidz there's other chicks round here." He directed a greeting to her. "Hey there sugar mama, what's shakin?"
  9. Peranawi came into the school. She was shy, but not too evasive. She walked into the school and smiled, "Welcome!"

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  10. A young lady had strolled down the hallway, short, plump, and round faced, rose colored eyes peeking from under a set of pale red bangs. She'd a sucker in her mouth and a pep in her step. Something indicating that her day had been, or would be a good one. Though, it was a lie. She'd just been a happy person. Her stroll had continued until she'd noticed two young men, one accompanied by a girl. She'd approached both and tilted her head, smiling at each of them. "'Lo~!" The little girl giggled, removing the bright red sucker from her mouth and offering a wide smile. "How's it?"
  11. "Evry thangs outa sight so far. Ain't that right?" He said to the brother. "Though sometimes I get a liitle upset." When that happened though it seemed a joke because JJ was a six foot bean pole of a brotha.
  12. "Sure thing, guy." Michael said, leaning back against the wall, eyes hooded. He chuckled and shook his head, rolling his shoulder, looking at the new girl with a slight nod. "S'all good, give a bit. But watch tough guy's temper." He smirked slightly, flashing a set of perfect teeth. He was a six-foot-two-inch guy with the build of a man that took time, every day, to life weights and tone his muscles into prestine condition. Not his choice. He was always more book smart, but his father did have his own way of doing things. His flawless teeth and face wasn't matched with flawless skin on his torso and legs. He wore jeans and slightly lose t-shirts for reasons. His sister, on the other hand, had the life of luxery.

    Five-foot-seven-inches, dark blonde hair to her mid back, Annabelle was the perfect daughter. Flawless skin, hair, everything about her. But, she was a rebel. She had every reason to hate her father and she did. She always back up Michael, and that would never change.
  13. Jj looked at the guy with his sister. " Hey man, you connected with some pushers? I got a job my pops needs doin." He reangled his chair repeatedly, as a balancing act, though the chair squueked.
  14. "Depends on the job. I got connections, but they ain't cheap and most of 'em are just specialist. Killing, robbing, muscle; some vary in job, but most stick to one trade." Michael said, glancing two hooded eyes at his sister. She kept the numbers, kept the money; his dad kept tabs on Michael, not Annabelle. She only flicked her hair, looking bored. He smirked; such the good girl. Perfect child for a dad like theirs.
  15. "Nah maan. I mean connections I got some stuff to get out and I need some boys ta hook a brotha up, ya dig?" He slammed his chain legs down. "Birds gotta fly, fish gotta swim, ya know?" He looked at annabelle and smiled wide as a jockolantern.
  16. "Eyes off the sister, man, or I'll rip 'em out of your skull." Michael said, smirking but his tone saying he meant every word. He'd broke a guy's arm over her before. He rolled his shoulder, thinking a moment before chuckling. "You need the Twins then, man. Best connections this side o' the boarder...and the other side. Annie?"

    "They'll be in town tonight, Mikey, I'll find out where." Annabelle said, flicking her hair again with a bored sigh. "You're gonna have to get new muscle for them though, last guys were killed four nights ago."
    "I ain't buying them this time. I'll find people who owe me." Michael said, rolling his shoulder and looking back at JJ. "Why you wearin' chains man?"
  17. He stuck his hands on his pocket and laughed. ,Hey, we don't wanna be startin no wars on the first day do we? Now," he pulled out a stretch of paper, "tell them to meet me at this place at 9 tonight. Ill get some do re mi and wecn do bidnes." He handed the paper to michael. "Oh. and the names JJ, my main man."
  18. "I know ya, know your dad too." Michael said, taking the paper and glancing over the name before handing it to his sister. She did everything, all he did was provide muscle. He was good at that, took beatings that would make even JJ's dad break. "Name's Mikey, and this is my sis Annie. Don't ask questions about who we are and we won't tit-tatle on what you do." That was their motto, anyway, and it worked keeping their identities hidden. "Now, what's with those chains?"
  19. "Chains?" For a moment jj looked askance then looked aroung his neck. "Ah, I don't know. Some jive turkey gave me this. Said it'd make me look hip. Pfa!" He took the chains off and stuckem in his pocket. "You wouldn't be the chase kids ya? Hey well all right! Slap me five!"
  20. "Keep ya tone down, mate; pa's a cop, mom's a drop, and we're the two left over." Michael said, shaking his head. Michael and Annabelle both rolled their shoulder, then, the same way and same time. An old twitch they both developed while they were young. Michael's father broke his shoulder, Annabelle had watched; now, the connection seemed to have never left. "Anyway, watch it with those chains is all I'm saying. The wrong person see's you wearing em, you'll be as good as dead; or worse." His hooded eyes flicked to his sister again, watching her roll her eyes before looking away. One of her ex's had been through hell over a pair of chains, barely was living now.