Good old fantasy adventure, maybe...

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  1. We grew up with these stories, but too rarely do we get the chance to partake in them:

    The good old quest for something magical in a fantasy-world. A group of different individuals brought together by fate to save the world!

    Or, what about the magic just out of our sight in the modern world, those already part of it forced to use normal people to succed in the power-struggles on their side of the street.

    But what about the situations that arise when old mysticism and rituals are outrun by technology, forcing new cultural practices to be established between the stars?


    Some minor details:

    A few things however, no matter which vague premise for a story catch your interest:

    They will not be fandom-rps.
    They will not be academy-style-rps.
    They will not come to involve a main-character of any sort. So if you are in it to play RAMBO, don't bother.
    They will be about a group of characters interacting with eachother and their surrounding world. No running your own way in these ones.
    They will not be speed-posted, a weekly flow of posts is not too slow and not too fast.
    They will not be an orgy of drama, cheesiness and clichés, some amount of rationality is expected.
    They will not make either fighting or romance a central part to the plot, there are arenas and 1x1s for that.

    If you can agree with that list of "restrictions", you'll fit in right away.

    So, what would you feel like partaking in?
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  2. If you're thinking of any kind of cliché fantasy 'save the princess' kind of story i'm up for trying it. It doesn't even have to be that, but anything with a decent actual plot and a fantasy setting I'm good for.
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  3. Interested.

    @Taliesa you should join too.
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  4. I like the idea of a good old fantasy quest adventure. I'm fine with any cliches as long as the world is decent and theres not any completely OP characters.
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  5. o-o ooh people. co-creator here *waves*
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  6. This might be pretty cool. Most fantasy roleplays here try to be unique by having some part of the fantasy replaced with some gimmick or something.
    It might be cool to just throw back to a classic old school kind of fantasy. I'm up for something a little generic so long as it's fun.
    Cliche's aren't always bad.
  7. Hello! And lovely to have you all with us. Now then.
    I think me and Silvir have something like that in store for you :3
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  8. Yay~ Looking forward to it.
  9. Though I know I shouldn't, you already know why...

    But what the hell? Normally, Fantasy's not my forte unless it has the "Modern" prefix in it. But after binge watching Lord of the Rings, topped with playing through La Pucille... (10 internets if you know this game.) I've been in a fantasy mood of late.

    Count me interested you two. ^^
  10. Great to have you here ^^

    While the plot in none of the stories will be quite as grand as LOTR, We are hoping we'll be able to bring the same feeling of adventure in search of goals into them.

    Well, as everyone seems up for the old-style one, I'll make sure that an OOC appears.

    I will however keep this open if anyone comes around and shows interest in the other two :)
  11. Adventure! Yes! Totally in!
  12. So how soon can we expect an OOC and a plot?
  13. Plot is being finalized as we speak.....sort of XD
    And as for OOC well when Windstorm feels ready to make most likely followed by the finalizing of the plot o-o
  14. I am finally deciding to post on this thingy, I am only really interested in the Modern/Sci-Fi era really.

    Its a Thingy to me since it is a interest check.

    Even though, I have too much on my plate I feel like doing a RP again.

    However, it would be nice if it was an Era-type RP aka it starts in the Fantasy and ends in the Sci-Fi, that would be a neat insanity of a Role Play. But I am quite random on the posting since I DO have a lot of shit on my plate, since I kinda am nuts and I have 17 profiles to work on.

    And I might pick different characters from the ones I created for the other role play that I stopped posting in... altogether. >.>
  15. An era RP isn't what we're aiming for though. Like I said, sometimes it's nice to throw back to the classics and working with it. You don't need exceptionally unique settings to have a good story, you just need good characters.

    Speaking of characters, I'm planning on playing a paladin in this story, if that's alright.
    What I want to know is, will there already be a set pantheon of gods or can I create my own religion that my character's particular order of paladins worships? I've already got a good idea on what I'm going to do in the even that I'm allowed to create my own god for my character to adhere to. It doesn't even have to be a god. What I was planning on was more like a saint. A certain figure that this order worships and prays to for guidance. I've got it all ready to go if I can use it.

    I'll make it small enough so that it won't conflict with any lore, but I'll have enough to work with. You can't have a paladin without something for them to SMITE EVIL for.
  16. I can tell that since it is more or less three separate stories. My characters are Legion, in a sense, since I have like a lot of them.

    Haha, Looks like I got an Idea... Genius. Hmm... It would probably take awhile to implement since I have insane profiles to work on atm.

    What's a Paladin? (Ultima 9 reference)
    Even though I know what a paladin is. lol

    I am preparing a character for this 'Fantasy' Adventure since yeah, I kinda needed to even though I am more into Modern Times & Sci-Fi in general. And I do have a lot of female fan characters on a list, 259 to be exact adding one more to the mix won't hurt anything.
  17. Ok, site is up again... kinda, let's see if I can make a nice little OOC for us :3

    Hello Holy, glad to have you back on Iwaku, now post in AoE ^_^

    Regarding your question Pinkleton:
    There is a Pantheon of Gods, but the way the mortals worship them is not set in stone, nor is there any direct interaction between them except in very rare cases. The Gods do as they should and keep out of the Mortals way, but there are still religions worshipping them, some religions worshipping the same God but hating eachother because they can't see that.

    So to answer your question, show your idea and we will give you our verdict :)
  18. Can I join? :3
  19. Welcome, and I dont think there would be any issues with you joining as well. Once the OOC for the fantasy-story is up we will proceed to accept characters. You who have shown an interest already will be viewed firsthand, though there will be a cap of characters we can accept to keep the story reasonable.

    Now, the OOC will be up shortly, but I thought I'd give you something to have fun with in the meantime ^^

    Awesome CS thanks to Silvir (open)


    Race: (Available races to play as consist of Humans, various demi-humans regarded as Freefolk, and possible halfbloods with the some of the other races. Those being, Fae, Elves, Dwarfs and Orcs.)

    Race attribute: (races have different attributes that gives them an edge in different situations some see in the dark others have an amazing sense of smell.

    Skills: (2 skills for combat and 2 for other things of your choice)

    Magic: Magic is not easy and comes at a price and to balance things out we set a scale of 1 to 4. 1-2 and you are allowed 2 skills for combat above. (Regarding the kind of magic to be found in the world of Bondyrill, and how it works on a more fundamental scale, I will leave it to your imagination of classical fantasy until we have the OOC up and running. Sorry about that.)
    3-4 and you will only be allowed one skill not above intermediate this because magic takes time and effort to learn that you could put into martial arts. There is of course above this but then you get no combat skills as you have dedicated your self entirely to magic. So accordingly
    1: you have shown to have an affinity to use magic and can light the camp fire and some other basic stuff without killing your self or harming others.
    2: you can use magic to slightly boost your skills and people are not as wary of you using it.
    3: you can now defend your self and even use a bit of offence if that is something you have learned.
    4: you have dedicated much time and can without to much effort improve your way of life both in combat and otherwise as the lazy mage you are.

    Personality: ( no mary sues i will force feed you cookies till choke on em and bleed cookie dough trough your eyes =^-^="

    Bio: (See thre..advice above~)

    And I suppose I'll mention that we will mention some bigger more important locations/cities in the OOC, but smaller places are allowed to appear if we like them (this also relates to organizations and the like) ^^
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  20. Thanks for the Character Sheet Windy & Silvir.

    Cannot wait for the OOC. =P
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