Good Ol Fashion Zombie Rp?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone would be up for a good ol fashion zombie apocalypse rp?
    Our characters will of course be survivors who have to band together in order to make sure they stay alive as well as keep on the move.

    But here are few things about Zombies (That I will agree on):

    • Zombies are just undead humans- they have the same brute strength as human beings.
    • Zombies can not feel pain so their stamina will pretty much be unlimited.
    • Zombies stay wounded- they can not regenerate- so no matter the wound (size and all) it will not heal at all.
    • Zombies can not make any noise except moans
    • The only way to kill a zombie is by killing the brain.
    • Most Zombies walk slowly with a limp no matter the condition of the reanimated corpse maybe
    • Only human beings can be turned into zombies
    • Zombies can hear a person's foot step up to 500 yards away.

    But the idea of experimentation done on Zombies, making mutates is up in the air with me. Depending on what types of experiments and or mutates there are- I am willing to go along with the idea- as long as it's nothing too extreme.
  2. I'll join. Mutants or no. And if you do go with some mutated undead, the most realistic ones would be strength and/or speed increase, or explosivity. (Maybe their insides decompose at an extremely heightened rate for the latter.)

    Could also have some able to wield weapons. Would likely be whatever was in their hand at the time.

    Also possible is (in the case of chemists, biologists, and physicists) they were working with a certain chemical and their flesh is imbued with it to make them toxic, corrosive, flammable, etc.

    Again, these are possibilities. You're the GM, so your choice.

  3. if you're doing zombies i would love to, also would we call them zombies? or like walkers in walking dead?
  4. @Vexor All righty, I agree with you on that one. And welcome aboard!
    @justice hunt Welcome aboard! And yes we would either call them walkers or the walking dead.

    I'll post the OOC as soon as we get one more person, if we do not, then it shall be us 3!
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  5. I'm new to the site but I would totally be up for a good zombie RP! Count me in, if it's alright with everyone!
  6. Alrighty @MonarchFrost...welcome aboard! Alright got all of the players now!

    So I was wondering should I make an OOC or should we just do the CS and other stuff like that here?
  7. @Poisoner I would probably make an OOC but that's up to you!
  8. Alrighty, then I will post the OOC up shortly.
  9. Sounds good! Looking forward to it
  10. Count me in :)
  11. Cannae wait for it to start. :p
  12. I'm interested in joining.
  13. Sorry all I have been really busy lately. I shall put the OOC up now.
  14. Oh and if there is any questions about the CS, don't be afraid to ask them.
  15. Could I have some more details please? like how long the Apocalypse has been going on? Did it just start or has it gone on for a while? Just basic stuff for now!
  16. Ok, well it would start out that the apocalypse is just starting. That the virus that turns people into the walking dead was just discovered. And of course governments began to experiment with it. In the USA, an accident causes it to start- an un willing test subject that was injected with the virus, goes mad and escapes from a secret underground laboratory. Unfortunately the subject died and turned into a zombie, not before they reached a small town in the upper part of the US, say around one of the Dakotas. But then it began to start to spread some-what rapidly. Cases started popping up every where- so no one is actually safe.

    I hope this helps, I'm coming up with more details as we speak.
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