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  1. Yo. I was thinking about doing a fantasy roleplay on here. I had done one previously a while back, which was actually fun. Unfortunately I had medical issues and was forced to let it die out. However, I'm now in good health per say, and would like to try again. For fantasy lovers, there will be plenty of 'dungeon crawling', magic, battles, and other assortment of things. I'd like to picture this as a darker version of famous settings such as 'Lord of the Rings', and 'Legend of Drizzt'.

    [ Premise ]

    Four-hundred, and seventy-three years ago the angelic barrier keeping the mortal plane separate from the demonic lower planes was shattered by a Demon Lord. He did this maliciously, and intentionally for his own selfish gains, and out of spite to the angelic beings that passed judgement across all of the known realms. The entrance out of the abyss lead to a very large, very diverse planet simply named "Ebonzia". "Go, show them the wrath of your King." He said to demons of all calibers, and they did just that. The following days, weeks, months, and years were sheer chaos, death, and utter confusion. Whole countries were wiped from the map, and placed under new leadership. Many, many died. Though the species that suffered the worst of the casualties was mankind, for they held the greatest numbers, and most territory. Once Dark being had conquered a sizable amount of the Northern continent, he established a new order in which he would rule.

    It was only with the arrival of Angels that the bloodshed came to an end, angels whom defied the will of God himself, and intervened in mortal affairs. All extremely powerful archangels, and Seraphs capable of deciding whole battles by themselves. It was them who united the races into a temporary unification, and convinced the power hungry demonic High King to halt his expanse. Though by the time this happened sixty years had passed, and almost a third of the known world was occupied by demon forces.


    The story would focus on the struggle for power between the different species/races. Of course with a lot greater detail. This Rp is open for world-building by interested players, who would be free to create their own locations, factions, and the like.

    If anyone is indeed interested in playing ( even if only two or three ) I'll go ahead and post more of a description. I plan on there being different factions, guilds, and kingdoms. Along with towns/cities etc. that players can explore.

    The Player :

    You can play a leader, or just someone caught up in all this mess. Up to you.

    Playable Races:
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  2. Sounds interesting. I'll probably play a Dragon if that's OK. Been a while since I did one of those.
  3. Yeah, that would be fine. Thanks.
  4. That sounds interested, so count me in. Just one question:
    Which races possess magical/supernatural abilities?
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  5. Most races will have the ability to use magic with the aid of a catalyst, such as a staff or wand. Elves, Humans, and Fae will be naturally more powerful in terms of mana though.

  6. Humans being more proficient? Unusual. What about inherently magical races like Angels and Demons?
  7. When I say humans, I mean the rare powerful wizards, or Liches. And of course the angelic/demons will be naturally stronger in terms of dark/divine abilities.
  8. I see, so with Elves being more proficient too, does that also apply only to the wizards? Also, technically Liches are undead, not human :P
  9. Undead humans. I'll list everything in detail if this does indeed go into the next phase so there's no confusion.
  10. Considering how bored I am, I'm just going to go ahead and start writing everything now.
  11. So what if a great Elven magician were to take their soul and filter it into a phylactery in order to avoid death? Would they not be a Lich?
  12. When I said that, I was clearly talking about the Liches that were formerly human. Not in general.
  13. Well obviously not clearly, since I thought you meant all liches. If you specifically mean Human Liches, then actually say Human Liches, don't just say Liches. Anyway, there's no real reason to argue about this, it'll just create unnecessary tension, so let's not.
  14. Dragons are playable huh?

    This gives me an idea...
  15. Im into this if you're still accepting!
  16. Possible interest here.

    Are you open to other races under the "hybrid" or "animal-humanoid" titles?

    I was thinking something along the lines of lamia or reptilian...somethings. Unsure as of yet-- but I'd love to do some world-building and culture-development with it, if you're okay with that.

    This is adept+, yes?
  17. I'm interested. If possible I would like to be the Demon Lord, and dictate how the demons would react to other factions and rps.
  18. Wow, 4 new people in the space of 4 hours. Impressive bump, @DinoFeather !
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