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  1. My name is Ace! I have a bad habit of chewing on my nails, and an even worse habit of failing to break it.

    I've been roleplaying for probably about four years, but with relatively little outside experience, so I'm hoping I at the least have a basic understanding of groundwork.

    I'm a happy person, or at last I try to be, because I like to be happy and I ooze optimism. On my worst days, I am a mess of self-loathing and extreme instability. Mostly it's just my inability to have control, especially over my thoughts but not always my actions. I usually get like this at least once a year, it's almost always unpreventable and I'm usually triggered by extreme stress, but life a perfectly normal life until then; it seems we can't ever have one without the other.

    I rarely get angry and even rarer do I actually act on it. I have a very personal opinion of not pushing my problems onto other people? If something someone said upsets me (and they must have said it over and over in the span of months because otherwise I really wouldn't get very mad), I freely and willingly take myself out of the situation.

    I'm 18-years-old, and by Thursday I will have completed my first semester of college (hopefully with all As on my finals!). I tell people I'd like to go into Creative Writing for a major, but that's not finalized. Essentially it boiled down to "what sort of job can I see myself doing in the future that I could be good at and actually enjoy?" and I feel like writing is the only thing that seems to fit the bill. With the job market the way it is, I'm keeping my options open, but I imagine one way or another I'll end up heading in that direction and I'm okay with that.

    I play video games, I'm currently in a DnD campaign with another in the making; every now and again my friends and I go out and spend some time together. We like to make a lot of stupid jokes and do a lot of stupid things, like pool hopping and asking Tim Horton's what sizes their bagels come in.

    As far as literature goes, I am always reading something and I absolutely love movies. I will talk about either/or until I'm blue in the face. Currently I'm reading my dad's rough draft of a novel he's been working on, and I watch a movie every Saturday with my friend. Our list is about 3 Google Doc pages long, and we tend to remove movie titles once every several weeks xD; My to-read list on Goodreads is about 480-strong or so

    I don't know how realistic this is of a goal and I doubt it will really happen with my current plans of workforce, but I'd like to see myself having a voice in the future. I'd like to see that I have the ability to say something and people would hear me out. I want to see change in the world and I want to help move that along, if I can and if anyone will hear me out.

    As far as final statements go, I guess just in a general I consider myself a very casual person. I hope you will see me the same, because I like to think I can be someone anyone can approach about anything, regardless of topic or personal sensitivity. Likewise, since I am a casual fan of things as well, if you don't like the things I do, I will probably agree a little lmao, if you like things I don't I won't try to make you feel uncomfortable about it.

    Please feel free to say hello or talk to me or anything! I'm an extrovert with introverted tendencies, I'm only shy around people I've never met before if I have no friends with me, so I imagine for a long time until I actually start making acquaintances, I will be very quiet, but not out of lack of wanting to talk!

    (P.S. It may or may not be morning by the time you're reading this, but it was 9 AM EST and now 9:33 and I have about an hour left to kill before my next class, not to mention morning is the most important time of day to wish someone good things (with exceptions, as with all things), also I was going to do this at one time or another and if not when I get back from classes while tired, why not now? I could also be doing work or last minute studying but shhh this was so important)
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  2. Hello Ace!~ Welcome to Iwaku ^ ^ You seem like a very interesting person! Enjoy your stay :)
  3. Thank you very much, that's very flattering! ^^
  4. Greetings Ace! Here's to hoping you succeed on the finals as well as enjoying the site.
  5. Thanks! I hope I did well, two finals down. Tomorrow will probably be devoted to the paper, presentation, and exam on Thursday, but following that I'll have a month off so I hope that'll give me plenty of time to properly integrate myself.
  6. Salutations, I wish I could exams still, I wish you nothing but good will
    P.s. I'd be happy to draw you an avatars if you want
  7. Thanks, I really can't wait to get that break, I hope I do well on my final tomorrow. To get an A would be so satisfactory

    That's really generous! I don't really have anything to offer back, though, are you sure that's still okay? xD;