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  1. Hello! I'm Miki, your average galaxy cat.
    I like drawing, pulling people into a pocket dimension, and creating characters. I'm not all that good at roleplaying but I've been at it for a while. I haven't seriously roleplayed in a long time, though. I'm more casual.
    Heterochromia, frilly dresses, and cats are a few more of my favorite things. I prefer night over day, unless there's heavy cloud cover in the daytime, then I'm fine with it. Rain is nice. I like watching rain.
    I found Iwaku on Xenforo's site by searching "roleplay" in the search bar.
    I also hope you guys don't mind me dragging my old forum community here.

    Feel free to ask me anything, I will answer to the best of my ability~ ☆

    (Let's see if I'm too lazy to keep my font up)
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  2. The first question my good galaxy-kitty....what is the weight of an unladen swallow?
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  3. The South African swallow has an average body mass of 21 grams, and European 20 grams. (I used the trusty Internet, don't kill me.)
    Isn't that something from a movie, my dear Scholar~?
  4. Why yes it is, and now you may cross the bridge...or go about your day as it is since I dont have a bridge for you...I'll set to building one soon...maybe with blackjack and explosives and missile turrets...
  5. That sounds dangerous, Nocti. Be careful when handling the living.