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  1. I guess we should get to work?
    I'd prefer not to let out my real name online, but I'd prefer if you all call me Minty~! I'm pretty easy to get along with and hope that I'll be able to make many friends in my time here. I'm 20 now, just turned last month.
    It is nice to meet you all!
    It's been quite a few years since I've tried my hand at writing and role-playing, so I hope that everyone will treat me kindly and put up with my rusty state. Even so, I've got many plans I'm hoping to bring to life here with everyone's assistance, of course. I'm not typically a fantasy-rp based person but I always enjoy trying something new. I guess I'll have to rediscover what I will truly enjoy, and maybe I'll find something new to love while I'm here! Or at least, that's what I'm hoping for. I've got one character I've been dying to use and he's sort of my pride and joy, so make sure to look out for him! I guess I enjoy playing the villain the most, but not with a senselessness that most villains are known for. I enjoy making characters that will resonate with people on a more personal level. Hopefully, I haven't lost that touch.
    If you have any questions for me, you can send them to me with no hesitation! I won't bite, personally, though it isn't to say much for my characters~! I hope that we can all get along well!
  2. Hi Minty!

    I met you very briefly in the cbox : )

    If you need anything or have questions about the site just ask.
  3. Thank you very much! It's nice to meet you and sorry for taking off so suddenly!
  4. Hello Minty! I recall saying hello in the cbox briefly but...HELLO!

    Glad to have you here, your name makes me think of peppermints which reminds me of my favorite book series..."A series of Unfortunate events" so I'm liking you already, :D.