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  1. Hai, everybody!​
    Man, I've been waiting for the registration to open for a while now and here I am. Anyway, my name is Nepalia and I've been role playing since I was 12 years old. But, it's been on and off due to writer's block and the website I currently go to is basically dead now. I'm also currently trying to write a fantasy novel and my friend is helping me with the editing. So, if anyone is interested, I'm more than happy to share. I haven't got far though because I haven't decided on the Prologue. I've been practicing. I'm also an Anime/Manga lover and a Harry Potter fan. I like to play video games on my spare time too. I'm currently a part-time college student and I work part-time as well so I apologize if I don't respond right away. x.x
  2. Hi, Nepalia! I misread your name the first time as "Nepeta" and got excited to meet someone else into Homestuck before I re-read it.

    I'm Moody, and I'm a bit of a derp. It's nice to meet you! Welcome! You must have been really patient to wait for Iwaku's registration to open up.

    We have a few helpful threads that might help you with writer's block, and most other things relating to writing, including challenges!

    Are you finding your way around the site alright? Need any help?
  3. Hi Nepalia! Welcome to Iwaku ♥♥
  4. Greetings Nepalia! 8D Welcome to here!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.