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  1. What is your morning (or, preparing for your day, for those who keep alternative schedules, I guess) routine?
    It is up two hours early for flawless hair and makeup?
    Or rolling out of bed five minutes before you're supposed to be there?
  2. Wake up, work out, make pot of tea while I shower, drink tea, eat breakfast, briefly check on the news, then plan out the rest of my day.
  3. Up at 630. Eaten, dressed, and at work by 0700. My wife? Ten times slower. I don't know why.
  4. It depends wholly on whether I'm working or being a bum at home, but I will admit that all mornings begin with me reaching around haphazardly for my mobile and checking for messages/alerts.
  5. Wake up whenever my kids start fighting usually around 8 a.m, turn the Keurig on and take my dog out while it's heating up. Make myself a cup of coffee then feed my animals (Pets, not kids) while arguing with my kids that there is food in the house they can eat for breakfast. At some point the argument turns into make making one of them something to eat because they're not convinced we have any food in the house at all. After that I wash dish, sweep up the floor and hope like hell I can get five minutes of peace at some point during the day. This is during the summertime when the kids don't have school.
  6. Sleep in most of the day, sometimes till around 5pm or so or get up really really really early around 12am and go for a run and then eat, go on xbox, procrastinate and then finally go on iwaku.
  7. Ah, it really depends on the day.

    If I work that morning?

    Wake up half an hour before my shift. Roll out of bed, pee. . . maybe brush my hair, get dressed and out the door. My hair is in a hat all day, why struggle with brushing it at that hour?

    If I don't work.

    I have an alarm set for 9:30 everyday just to make sure I don't throw my insomnia off too much. Sometimes I'll wake up before it, but either way I'll usually puttering around on my phone for a good half an hour before finally getting up, bathroom things, get a drink of tea or juice. Then check more internet things on my laptop, maybe watch a show or game.

    If it's date day, everything is the same but I also do my makeup XD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.