Good Morning, I'm new :D

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  1. Good Morning everyone n_n

    As you have all probably already of guessed, I am new here xD I have been role playing for only about four years but in that time I have created a good number of characters, most of which I am pretty proud of n_n I have arrived here because the site I normally role play on has turned into a complete noobfest, little helped by the fact the site is not a dedicated role play site, it is actually a social network site dedicated to chatrooms, so the role play there usually rotates around the room, which is the cause of the utter rubbish that spews from it.. The site I am moving away from has a large number of role play combatants, fighting is a large part of what they do there and after a while it does get pretty boring, not helped by the fact that many who do role play combat use the chat rooms for the fighting, which usually ends up in an argument or with one of the fighters bitching and moaning about something or other, hence the reason I am here :D

    Over the years, I have moved from genre to genre, starting off with fantasy and having a few werewolf/lycan characters but nowadays I am more into SciFi, preferring to have the freedom of it to allow my characters to grow n_n When it comes to skill level, I would say that I am pretty skilled, both in story and combat, I am able to use enough detail to get me by lol three or four paragraphs per post is usually where I put my limit, I prefer not to post too much as reading a million posts before I can do mine is just not what I call fun xD

    Anywhoo, I'm getting a bit sidetracked here, not that I really had a path I was following lmao!!

    Well, thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings on and I hope that I can get the chance to role play with some of you n_n

    P.S.. Just incase any of you are wondering, the site I was referring to earlier in this topic is called MocoSpace and if you venture there to have a look at the state of the role play, go to the Gothic, GothicII and Japan chat rooms, there you will see the state of affairs ._.
  2. Nice to havee you here Many-Faces. Welcome to Iwaku.
  3. Thanking you very much :D

    Decided to have a name change xD
  4. You like Sci-Fi!?
    Well you joined in the right month! ^.^
    We are currently about to start our Sci-Fi month -nods-
    Welcome to Iwaku! If you need any help feel free to message me.
  5. Hello and welcome! 8D

    Yes, sites not made specifically for roleplaying are a dangerous and mind numbing place to play! O____O Hopefully you will enjoy it here much more! Most roleplays here are story-heavy and all about the character/plot development.
  6. Thank you for the welcome n_n

    Yeah I noticed that it was SciFi month, it's one of the reasons I decided to join up lol I hope to get some of my old characters brought here and hopefully I will get enough inspiration to help me start the story I want to write about some of then :D
  7. Welcome to Iwaku Nery! :3 I am Rina and I hope you enjoy your stay!
  8. Nero Huojin. An interesting choice of name. On which I will meditate for a while. *ponders*

    *ahem* Anyway! Hi, Nero, welcome to Iwaku. :D Do you have any games you could bring us for sci-fi month? That would be pretty awesome if you set up another game for us! We could use as many games in that section as we can get. But of course you are also welcome to just join games and do less intense things. XD
  9. Thank you :D Nero Huojin is the name of my most loved RP character, he took almost three years [and constant research] to get the way I wanted him xD

    The reason I used Huojin was simple, on the site I came from, there were many people who used names that were very unoriginal so I spent some time looking for a name that would suit the character I had in mind, that's when I found Huojin, it is a Japanese name and has the meaning Fire Metal n_n I've used the name for about three or four years, on a number of different characters, but all seem to revolve around Nero xD

    I'll post a blog about Nero so you can all see what type of character he is, I may also post some info on Ochao, who is Nero's genetically created son XD
  10. Hello Iwakuroleplay, I am a somewhat experienced roleplayer who is deeply enthralled by science fiction and post apocalyptic horror fiction. I will openly admit to disliking the swords and sorcerer type stuff. My characters are mostly Aliens of many different races, all of which are original (save for my Helghast) and some are hybrid descendants. i'm an avid sci fi fan, and i really dont know what else to say
  11. Welcome to Iwaku~

    Hope you enjoy being here, I know I have! Most people around here are pretty cool! x3
    Anyway, enjoy!
  12. Much more hospitable than the last site I was on, Thank you for the welcome I do hope I enjoy it here
  13. Wait the above statement.....about the rp's here being story heavy and plot/character development focused, that's true?
  14. Hey Nero, I wish I had more to say...but I'm new myself. :)
  15. New Peoples FTW!!! xD
  16. Iwaku is always glad to have new people -smiles- I am kind new too, been here for about a month and it keeps getting better and better.
  17. So let me see if I'm correct to think this, this is a sci fi rp site with more story heavy character driven rp's? Cause if that's the case I found exactly the type of place I was looking for after leaving macabreofwriting
  18. o; Well there is sci -fi and more! You just happen to slip in here on SCI-Fi MONTH! But other than that, you are on the right track!
  19. Sci fi month?! This place is like a dream! Imma start working on an in character thread now.
  20. -smirks- Have fun! And don't forget, first do a forum with the idea, character, sheet and plot, and once you have people post their characters, open up a new thread with the story so you can start it!