Good job, Iwaku

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    You have successfully fed the beast which seeketh wealth at an earlier date than was necessary or expected. Which means that we have kept our little village of Iwaku safe, for now.


    She watches still for the next month... Beware. Beware.
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  2. Does this mean any extra cash can now go to a Pizza Party? :3
  3. YES! And all the pizza will go to me and the other adults. Kids like u won't get any MOHAHAHAHA -being the evil babysitter again-
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  4. SURPRISE extra cash this month is going towards renewing all my xenoforo licenses. O_O

    You all get old left overs.
  5. Yaaay, I feel so useful~ :D
  6. Good to know iwaku is putting my drug money to good use. ;D
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  7. Well jokes on you because that Pizza has Anchovies on it!

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