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  1. I recently tried to make one of my ideas into an RP. It hasn't gotten any feedback. Either my idea isn't as good as I thought it was or I didn't successfully sell it. Anyway, I didn't know this was here at the time, but now that I do I'd like to present some other ideas I had for RPs and see if anyone's interested.

    Fireball Plague: In 2087 a peculiar disease broke out in the form of a dangerous virus. This virus induced aggression, madness, and the most famous symptom, bursting into flame. The plague created burning monsters that lived for about a month before burning themselves out. Anyone with the plague had to be captured by a special task force to be kept from hurting or infecting others. Eventually, a cure was created that stopped the spread of the virus while also keeping the symptoms of those who already had it in check. Now, eight years later, the plague's back, and it's evolved to be immune to the cure. Worse still, it also infects animals now. Every living thing on Earth is in danger from this disease. The special task force has to be reactivated, trying to keep things under control while the scientists fight to beat the disease. Scifi

    Rise of the Artificials: This is actually an idea for a book I want to do. Advanced sentient machines were invented in World War I to help us win. After the war, the Artificials were refitted to be everyday servants, and they've spent years as lower class citizens. They're starting to rebel, hiding underground while they plan for the day they win their freedom. Set in late 19th century London. Steampunk Scifi

    P.A.R.A. - Paranormal Assessment and Reaction Agency: Everything you've ever heard of is real. There are monsters, aliens, ghosts, and demons. There are also things out there you can't possibly imagine. Some people have figured this out and have tried harnessing the power of how the world really works, but the people at P.A.R.A. do their best to keep everything underwraps. They have round-the-world missions to contain your worst nightmares. Most of the members are probably normal, but at some point they start letting in freaks for their - unique, abilities. Scifi/Fantasy

    The Miracles: You know how every RP someone starts says "No God-modding?" Yeah, not here. This is another idea for a story of mine. The latest generation of humanity has become known as the Miracle Generation, because some of them now have god-like power. They can manipulate matter and energy, fly, teleport, and are indestructible except by suicide. Even another god can't destroy them, although they can hurt each other. There are a few rules regarding their powers, and anyone who wants to be a god would also probably have to make a couple mortals to interact with. Modern/Fantasy
  2. I kind of like the idea of the P.A.R.A :)
  3. I agree with Amorous. P.A.R.A is a good idea.
  4. Thanks. I'd primarily be coming up with the missions, but since almost anything is possible, anybody would be able to voice an idea. I'll wait, though, to see if anyone else finds it interesting.
  5. P.A.R.A All the way, baby! It's like a Ghostbusters meets Supernatural thing! I love it. Absotively love it. <3
  6. It's more like Ghostbusters meets Supernatural meets Men In Black.
  7. Or Hellboy...
  8. Okay okay I get it, I was wrong .-.
  9. No. No one's ever wrong. That's the point. There will be much supernatural...ness. But also some scifi...ness. There'd be a little bit of everything. Hope you're still interested.
  10. Of course I am, but I may have to drop out because I won't be able to get on all the time.
  11. Hey, after this semester, I won't be able to post until the 28th of January. When I come back, I'll set up the OOC. This was mostly checking for interest. Would that be okay with you, and do you want me to let all of you know when we can start?
  12. To all those who showed interest I put up the OOC. I know I said in my last post that I'd wait, but I didn't. I still won't be able to post between Dec 17 and Jan 28, but I wanted to give people an opportunity to get interested. I hope to see it full by the time I return.