Good Horror Roleplays?

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  1. What are some good Horror Roleplays? I'm not talking about those horrors that only has a bit of a scare here and there but TRUE HORROR, like a asylum full of mental patients that went bankrupt but the patients are still there and blood is on the walls every where from some of the patients eating other patients... that was to explicit but you know what i mean, stuff like that.​
  2. Do you mean good ideas for Horror RP's, or already existing ones here on Iwaku? If it's the latter, just go through the Horror section and see if there's anything there that catches your fancy.
  3. Already created, however i have looked through the section and nothing catches my fancy... sadly, thats why i asked here im hoping someone could forward me to one that is a good balance between insanity and horror
  4. Ah, well then I can't really help you. If you've been browsing the horror section without finding anything, chances are there's nothing of the sort at the moment. Either you create one on your own, in which case you get exactly what you're looking for, or I suppose you could check out another site. But I mean, I don't look through the horror section much, so I don't know what's currently on there, and maybe you missed something. Also, be sure to check it daily, since new RP's are created all the time, and something might come up that you're interested in.
  5. Odds are that if you've looked through the horror section and have not found it, then no such roleplay exists on Iwaku at this time. If what you want doesn't exist then your best option is to go ahead and create it.

    However, keep in mind that horror doesn't exactly work as a standalone genre, especially when you're talking about a long and drawn out format like play by post roleplaying. Pure horror relies on keeping the viewer/reader in a state of fear and anxiety, and that's almost impossible to maintain for a long period of time. This is why if you look at genre labels for horror things they're almost always dual genres like "horror/mystery" or "horror/thriller" or "horror/drama," and the vast majority of the time they're billed as just horror they really do need a secondary addition for accuracy. Straight up horror just doesn't have staying power, so if you do make a roleplay to fulfill your horror craving then keep in mind the fact that you'll need an actual plot above and beyond "horrible crazy torture and murder!" to get and maintain interest.
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  6. There's a reason that almost all of HP Lovecraft's stories are in fact short stories instead of novel-length tales (If I counted correctly, Call of Cthulhu is only 26 pages long). Horror works best if it's something that maintains an element of the unknown and successfully builds suspense; if a person were to make a horror RP, it would have to be very good at pacing and not constantly be shoving graphic imagery down your throat, because if every single post were of the nasty insane people in an insane asylum, it loses its impact and shock value. Unlike movies and video games, which can stimulate other senses, written horror is entirely what the reader can visualize and how well the writer can portray their tale. Whereas a video game can get lazy and just throw jump scares in your face for cheap thrills (looking at you, Five Nights at Freddy's), horror needs to be crafted well in written form to be effective. What's scarier than the monster you describe in graphic detail is the monster you describe in very minor details, hinting at what it is and what it's capable of. Ideally, whatever the reader thinks up is far more terrifying than anything the author can describe.

    I honestly wouldn't find what you're describing as a good horror roleplay as a very effective one. If you're constantly being subjected to graphic descriptions of people writing shit on the walls in their blood or eating other patients, then it just becomes a parody of itself. There's no suspense, suspension of disbelief, or immersion. It stops being disturbing when you go 50 posts and people are just trying to outdo each other for shock value. Gore and graphic imagery can be very effective, but it can't be means to an end.

    For instance, I'm doing a horror 1x1 right now where my character is a police detective investigating a series of grizzly, inhuman murders in a small tourist town and while the crime scenes are graphic and disgusting, there's an air of "What could have done this?" about it since I have characters unable to agree on what methods could have been used, and then there's a fear of where the killer/ monster is going to strike next. Right now, my character is staying with my partner's character as she was a potential witness for whatever it was, and so far there's only been brief glimpses of whatever the creature is and the sounds of it trying to get into the house. Neither my partner or I agreed exactly on what it was, and we're kind of filling in the gaps as we go, and honestly a lot of what we're writing is somewhat chilling because we're letting each other's imaginations fill in the gaps. The best part is, even after this particular monster situation is resolved, there's a larger plot at hand that's going to get progressively creepier. If we didn't have any build up to the appearance of this monster and the larger implications of it, then it wouldn't have been nearly as spooky.

    Think of Jaws, for instance. The movie single-handed created a cultural fear of sharks that continues to this day, and a big reason for that is because you rarely actually see the shark, but you know it's out there, and because it's concealed by water, you don't really know who's going to die next. I can't remember how much of the actual film is the shark actually visible, but it's not much. It's kind of like Jurassic Park (the original) only had 11 minutes of dinosaur screen time, but it feels like much more because the pacing is fantastic and when the dinosaurs do make an appearance, it leaves an impact. With the first Alien movie, you rarely ever see the full Alien, because it's just a guy in a rubber suit, but using darkness, clever camera angles, and great practical effects, it scared the shit out of people when it first hit theaters even though it's barely visible in the movie, either.

    Point is, try not to show so much that your own monster ends up looking like a guy with a rubber suit. Let your readers' imagination do the hard work for you.
  7. Our Horror club could be a good place to plot or find others to plot with.

    Other than that, I suggest Creating your own thread here , In the Horror Roleplay sign ups & OOC.

    Also I will put this in Interest checking & Discussions for you.
  8. Why? This isn't for interest checking this is a mere discussion thats why i posted it where i posted it originally. This is not a plot nor is it a idea for a RP this is, again, a simple discussion... please don't move my threads unnecessarily and unwisely.
  9. @Solomon It doesn't have to be an interest check. You can still discuss what some good roleplays are within the interest checking and discussion forum categorized under roleplaying. Fijoli is a staff member, so she has every right to move this thread over to the correct spot.
  10. If this is just a discussion about horror RP...

    >___> There is no "true horror". All horror is horror. There are different types, but none of them are any less horror than the other. :P

    If this is you looking for an RP to join, then Fij is right and this should be in the Interest Checking & Discussion section of the Roleplaying forum.

    That being said, you're looking for a survival/slasher type of RP by the sounds of it. There are quite a few of them. If none of them really hold your interest, you might be better off just making your own. If you're not into GMing, you can always do a plotting session and recruit one.
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