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    Eighteen year old Blaire, better known as Barry, is what people would consider an athletic girl. She plays on the school's basketball team and takes good care of her body, which is lithe and 'filled' out, unlike most other athletes. It makes her rather popular with the boys, though Barry enjoys her reputation as a 'tease.'

    Which is precisely what she is. Especially when she wears an outfit like today's, which would be a low-cut, v-neck shirt and tight jeans.

    Walking into class, Barry groaned a little. Just the thought of equations made her want to fall asleep, but she had to keep her grades up. Sitting in her seat, her friend leaned over. "Did you hear? The new teacher comes today?" she said. Barry nodded, getting a little smirk on her face.
  2. It was Kens first day working as a collage professor and he was a bit nervous which in the end made him late for his first class. Really he wasn't that bad of a teacher, he wasn't all up in everyone's face, he wasn't obnoxious, he wasn't geeky... or too geeky, and he wasn't hard with the rules. Naturally he would end up as one of the favorite teachers... so long as his class listened.

    Running in five minutes after class started he proceeded to write his name on the board "I am Mr. Roper" He stated fumbling with the extra text book and his note pad. After setting them down he straightened up "As I'm sure some of you are aware I am new so I hope you go easy on me while a learn the ropes." He said with a slight smile knowing it would be the exact opposite. "So to start things off lets go around the room and give our names so I can write you down. For the first couple days we will have assigned seats so I can learn your names before you can be free to choose. All of you are young adults now so please act like one in class."

  3. As soon as he walked in, the class started whispering and giggling amongst themselves. "What a newb," one of the kids near Barry whispered. She smirked and nodded a little, turning back to him as he wrote his name on the board. Going easy on teachers wasn't something she was good at. No matter how young and mildly attractive one was.

    Upon hearing about assigned seats, most of the students groaned. Barry raised her hand. "I'd like to welcome you to our school," she said in a sweet voice, "I hope you'll like it here, teaching us." Of course, most of the others could hear how fake that was and knew Barry was one for mouthing off to teachers every now and then.
  4. Kenn smiled when the young girl spoke out to welcome him. To him it sounded sincere and he figured he had already found his class pet. "Why thank you." He started scribble something down on his notepad then listened to each student say their name. He wrote them down on his pad and greeted each one by name in hopes of remembering it. "Now that we are all aquatinted I have a small test for you to take." He half smile hearing all the groans "It isn't going to count, its just to find out where you are." he passed the papers out then sat at his desk. After a couple of minutes of looking over his students his eyes stopped at Blaire and without realizing it he started to stare. His little teachers pet was very attractive. He quickly caught himself starring and looked down at his papers. I must not think that way about her. She is a student.
  5. Blair grinned at him and stated her name. He seemed to like her, which was a pretty good start. If she could get on his good side, she might be all set with the grades. A's... B's. Even C's would be alright. As they sat there, she looked up to notice that Mr. Roper was staring at her. With a smirk, she looked back down her at her paper and set her pencil down. A light tap and her pencil rolled off the desk and fell to the floor.

    From her new seat in the classroom, she could lean down and give the teacher a clear view down her shirt.
  6. Kenn heard a pencil hit the ground and he looked up expecting to find some type of trouble maker trying to get attention or maybe have a little fun after such a boring test. He looked up to find Blaire bending over to pick it up. His eyes went to her cleavage and his mouth almost dropped, she had a good pair hidden behind her shirt. Again he had to catch himself, thinking such things was a good start to getting fired and a criminal record. Looking back down he waited for her to be seated before his eyes wandered again. Just like before they stopped on her and he had to catch himself, he hoped she didn't catch him.
  7. Looks like this semester's going to be pretty easy, Blair thought. Once the test was finished, the students looked up to their teacher, wondering what was next. Blair was looking at the clock though, counting the minutes to the end of class. She was planning on having a quick chat with the new teacher. He was young, so it wasn't going to be hard for her to flirt with him. Not to mention anything else she could do for that good grade.
  8. "When your finished hand in your papers and you can just hang out. First day with a test is a bit of a drag so a little free time should make it a little easier." he smiled seeing their happy reaction and dropped the papers on his desk. He started to grade them, using his answer key to check the questions which were all multiple choice. He took note of the students that BSed all the answers and the ones that didn't do great, one being his teachers pet...

    The bell rang and he announced no homework and oppened the door for them to run out. Yet again he was buried under the stack of papers that had yet to be graded.
  9. After turning in her paper, she sat down and crossed her legs. Her friends were all in seperate places, but that was alright. She had to concentrate on the teacher. Losing her virginity to a teacher would be quite exciting, now that she thought about it. Besides, she could use that as a pro as to why he should give her an A.

    When the bell rang, Blair stood up and walked over to Mr. Roper's desk. She put her hands on the desk and leaned forward, again using her low-cut shirt to her advantage. "Say, as you know, to be on the basketball team we have to get at least C's in all our classes," she said, rocking back and forth a little. "Maybe... Could I come in during lunch or after school to do some, extra credit?" she asked, biting her lip.
  10. Kenn seemed a bit startled by the sudden movement but quickly got ahold of himself. He looked up to find her breast right infront of him. He couldn't help but to stare as she spoke. "Yes, just come by when you get the chance." he said still caught in her cleavage. He noticed he was starring again and looked down at his papers, "You didn't do well on this so you may need to come in oftain for extra help as well." he looked up at her again, making sure to look at her eyes this time, "If you try you won't get any less than a C."

    His next class started to walk in and he went back to nervously working on the papers.
  11. "Yes sir," she said, standing up straight. "I'll come in for that extra help at lunch," she told him, giving him a flirtatious smile. With that, she left and went to her other class. No one had to know what she was planning, all they had to know was that she was staying at school for lunch.

    By the time lunch came around, Blair was prepared to cut straight to the teach with her teacher. She walked back into Mr. Roper's classroom slowly, shutting the door behind her and leaning against it. "Mr. Roper? I'm here," she sang playfully. Blair headed to the desk and sat herself up on it, kicking her legs a little.
  12. When he heard the door open he looked up and watched as Blair walked in and leaned against the door as it shut "Come in, don't be shy." he said seeing her seem a bit off from that morning, sure enough she was back to normal and already swinging her legs as she sat on the desk. "Ok, the first thing we should work on is this." he wrote an equation down on the board then turned to her. "Most of the class got this right so I figured we wouldn't have to go over it in class of I taught it to you now." he placed a paper on her desk, "Try a couple of these." he stood and watched her as she worked.
  13. She looked at the equations he wrote down, staring at them blankly. She started 'trying' one of them, then looked up at him. "Say, Mr. Roper, you don't have a wedding ring, so I assume you're not married. Do you have a girlfriend or anyone special?" she asked, standing up. Getting a little closer to him, she smiled. "Because... I've been wondering all day."
  14. "Um, heh." he said pulling his collar trying to think of what he should do. Before he new it he had answered her "No, not at the moment." he hated himself for that, he should have said yes. He watched her get closer and he shifted a little. "Let's do some on the board, I'll walk you threw it." he turned to face the board "I'm assuming you would want to stretch your legs a little." he gave a forced laugh. His job hung over his head, don't do anything with her. It could cost you your job, what if you were caught with her or she reports you. He glanced back at her and was caught in her breast. They were really pretty, "Here's the equation, you have 3x-" he started.
  15. She smiled and followed him up to the board. "Actually, they are called C-cups," Blair told him. "Come now Mr. Roper... Um... What's your first name? Anyway, maybe I should get straight to it. I'm not very interested in math at the moment."
  16. He turned around when she cut him off by saying they were C-cups. "What are C-cups?" He asked confused until he looked at her breasts again. She then told him she wasn't interested in math at that moment and he hoped she wasn't going to push anything. Still he acted like he was missing her point, though he was sweating a small bit now which made it obvious. "Then what are you interested in?" he said looking over at her "Why are you here?"
  17. "I saw you looking at them sir," she replied, motioning to her chest. "I'm eighteen years old, don't treat me like a kid," Blair continued, "And don't play dumb with me. You know what I want and you know what you want." She stepped closer to him, leaning against him and stroking his chest a little. "Right now, I'm thinking that you, like other boys, want to touch them, see them, maybe do other things to them. And to me."
  18. "I umm." he said backing up until he was against the wall, "I-i" she continued from just looking at them to all the purvey things he might want to do with her. "I can't, I could lose my job over an affair with my student." he said making no attempt to stop her. Wow, C-Cups. Maybe just a quick peek. He quickly shook that thought away, he couldn't, not with a student, no mater how great her breast are or how hot she may be.
  19. "Let me educate you on how this school works," she told him, pressing herself up against them. "Lunch is forty-five minutes long. Students aren't allowed in the halls, they either go to the cafeteria or to a restaurant. Teacher's do the same, the only teachers here right now are the old ones that don't leave their rooms until it's time to go home. There's also a lock on the door," Blair explained. "You're wasting time, Mr. Roper, time you could be using to your advantage."

    That being said, she grabbed his hand and slid it under her shirt, leaving it just below her breast. "I can be your little teacher's pet. I'll do whatever you like, and let you do what you want to me."
  20. He was surprised by all this, expecialy when she slid his hand into her shirt. As it slid into her shirt he could feel her smoft breasts and he smiled. He squeezed what he figured countless others had already done then pulled down the cloth to see her bare breasts. "Wow." he played with them a bit and pinched her nipple when he caught himself.

    "No, this is wrong." He took his hand off her breast "I shouldn't." he attempted to pull her shirt back over her breast but failed. "I really shouldn't." he was already hard and couldn't hide the bulge in his pants.