Good Girl Turns Bad

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    good girl is dating the leader of the bad kid group, but also she is hanging out with them because her older sister is hangs out there. Well, she is dating the leaders best friend. Then her older sister has a best friend who is dating someone also... blah blah, anyways the good girl hangs out with them, in school until the group tries to change her, and also the good girl sorta wants to change, because of what happens at home. What will this new life end up like? Will her boyfriend find out what happens at her house?

    Secret ( only for girls) ;
    Smell's characters

    Angel Marie Love
    15, almost 16
    The good girl, girlfriend of ___.
    Being abused
    | Innocent | Good girl | Sweet | Funny | Shy | Jumpy ( from events) | Rarely speaks because of events. |
    Has a belly piercing, ears pierced, and is wanting to break away.

    Ashley Rose Love
    Good girl's sister. Girlfriend of ___.
    used to be abused, but lives with her boyfriend.
    Funny | partier with the group | The planner | Sarcastic | Hides the past really well | Naughty|
    Has a belly ring, nose piercing, ears pierced

    Jasmine Jay Jornae
    Ashley's best friend. likes __ ( leaders bestie)
    anorexic, but is hiding it. or attempting to.
    Random | bubbly | outgoing| Naughty| The inviter |
    The bad kid all around
  2. Eli James Storm
    Mysterious, Tough, Funny at times, Bad, Is actually sweet kind and caring deep down.
    Dating ___.

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  3. Can you add the other guys, the two other guys?
  4. Zack Lee Blade
    Goofy, Funny, Sarcastic, Bad.

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  7. Ryan William Night
    Eli's best friend
    Smart, Bad, Funny, Weird at times.

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  9. So couples~
    Eli and Angel
    Zack and Ashley

    and soon to be~
    Ryan and Jasmine

    Want me to start or you?
  10. You XD
  11. hahaha!! of course!! Alrighty.. I'll start it :3
  12. Setting: At Lunch, assembly afterwards, GG is in it. Its Summer break after today.

    Angel sighed softly. She bit her lower lip. She looked around as she made her way through the halls. Finally reaching the doors. She opened it. She looked around and seeing her boyfriend, Eli. She smiled softly, shefixed her outfit, so her bruises weren't showing But they were always showing, but at least she had her jacket on today, that will cover alot of them, since she walways wears a sweater. She walked over to her boyfriend hugging him from behind since he was sitting. She smiled lightly.

    Her sister, Ashley seen her. She grinned. " well well well.. Angel.. is performing in the assembly today hmm?" She grinned eating her food. She loved it when she was able to tease her sister. fixing her dress. She looked at her boyfriend, Zack. Kissing him passionately. She said, " So what are you doing?"
    Angel glanced at her older sister, sitting next to her lover she said, " I am in the dance team... and it's not my style... so don't hate me.. but I have to dress in a criminals suit." She blinked.

    Jasmine just giggled. " GG in criminal suit?? What did you do?" She giggled. " Are you finally coming to the dark side now? you know we have cookies.. and cake. " She smiled lightly. She looked at who she liked. She looked down. " We can't be nice, Angel.. you know its not our nature. "
    Ashley giggle. " I know right!!! Yet, she still hangs out here.."

    Angel said, " Ashley.. you know I don't just wanna see you, but I want see Eli too, so you can't be jealous of Eli forever now." She smiled sweetly.
  13. Eli smiles and hugs her back. "Hey beautiful." Eli listens to the girls little convo and cant help but chuckle.
    Zack kisses Ashley just as passionatly.
    Eli looks at Angel, "I wouldnt mind going."
  14. Angel heard eli. She squinted at him, trying to glare at him. She shook her head. Before looking at her sister, " See mopw everyone is laughing!!! ' She groaned. She shook her head. She bit her lower lip. She threw a napkin at her, since she was weak it flew back at her. She rolled her eyes softly. She giggled lightly.
    Ashley said, " Angel you scare me so bad." She said softly. It was sarcastic. She grinned. Se looked around.She said, " Angel.. you can't aim.. " She rolled her eyes softly. She giggled lightly. She looked around. She said, " Ang!! " She gasped, acting like she was shot.
    Angel gasped. But then hearing Ashley laugh. " don't do that to me!!" Angel said softly. She shook jher head. She looked at Zack and Ashley disgustingly. She looked at Eli. holding onto his hand.
    Jasmine was just laughing the whole time. " Angel!!! You need to become one of us.. Please we do have cookies, come to my house, trust me I have great tasting cookies." Angel looked at her weirdly. Jasmine said, " They are not poisoned!! Why do you people think my food is poisoned.!!" She giggled.
    Ashley smiled, " Because the cooker is...."
    Angel covered her mouth as she giggled.
    Jasmine pushed her over before she finished the sentence.
  15. Ryan glances at his crush then back at the scene.
    Eli decides to step in, "Alright everyone. It is her decision rather or not she becomes one of us. Dont pressure her."
    Zack chuckles.
  16. Angel crossed her arms. She winced a little from doing that. She looked at Eli and grinned. She nodded. She looked over to see everyone. She went to lean back along with crossing her leg. But she fell. She fixed herself and stood up.
    Ashley and Jasmine giggled and both yell, " Your such a clutz!!! "
    Jasmine looked at Ryan and smiled.
  17. Ryan smiled back at her then looked at Eli who was helping Angel up.
    "You ok babe?" he ask?
  18. Angel smiled a little. " Yeah I am.. just clumsy. "
    Ashley faked coughed. " Blonde! "
    Angel sighed and hugged him, but she sighed and that hurt her, to breath like that. She truely needed help. She smiled lightly and said, " and look whos talking."
  19. Eli throw bacon at Ashley and laughs. Then he hugged Angel.
    Zack couldnt help but chuckle.
    Ryan did his best not to laugh.