Good Girl meets Bad Boy College Romance

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  1. You met Sharla during the summer. She was not your type but nothings wrong with just have some company. So you hung out with her. End up being a pretty cool summer and one you would remember. As the summer started fading away into the school year your mother died.

    The only girl you seemed to really love. The days grew more and more hateful to you. You hated that small little town you once called home. You had to get out of there, You had to leave so you took all the money your mom left for you and moved to the big city to attend art school. There in that big city soon you would run into Sharla.
  2. Thorain stopped his pickup truck. He had just drove quite a while and now he had arrived at his new home. He had all his belongings in the bed of the truck and was just taking a break before he'd have to move it inside his new apartment. Thinking about it he could've probably gotten a house, however he wanted to be able to pay for school and he didn't know if he'd have time to work. The apartment was also close to the school and as his mom had told him he needed to socialize. He still got choked up every now and then when he thought of her. It had all happened so soon, and not many expected it...

    Giving a sigh as to what had happened so suddenly, Thorain couldn't do anything and had felt so powerless. Eventually he got himself together and started moving box after box into his apartment. He already had his big furniture inside as yesterday his cousin helped him out. Now were just boxes and arranging to do.
  3. Sharla jumped in her jeep. Today was the day class schedules would be handed out. She really wanted that drama class and hoped she got a spot. She even dropped advance math for it. It really wasn't a hard choice to make. She pulled down the car mirror checking herself out. She put on her sunglasses then turned the radio up trying to ease her nervousness she had from working herself up. She started up her car remembering she agreed to pick up her friend Amanda from her apartment.

    As she arrived at the complex Amanda came running out the main entrance and straight to the car. Sharla laughed not knowing what the rush was for. "Wow somebody's happy about college" Sharla said laughing. "Well this is worth it" Amanda said pointing at the truck "There's a new guy moving in and he's got that mysterious thing about him going on. I like it". Sharla rolled her eyes "Well we don't need guys being a problem this year". Sharla pressed on the gas and off they were.
  4. Thorian had just finished unloading the truck. After a quick breakfast and a shower he was ready to go. He knew the schedules would be given today and he wanted to be there early. His mothers voice rang in his ear reminding him to brush his teeth and he sighed before returning to the bathroom. He had requested the music class specifically and apparently he had to take a couple of other required classes. Even though he would be taking his regular courses. With his teeth brushed Thorian headed out and in a couple seconds the sound of his truck was heard.

    10 minutes later Thorain found himself at the campus looking for registration. He had yet to take his I.D picture and also get his class books. "First I need to know what classes before the books" he thought to himself. After taking his I.D he headed to a big line of students wanting to get their schedule.
  5. Sharla and Amanda got out the car to a campus full of people running around ,standing around, and just catching up with friends and teachers. Amanda spotted her sorority sisters and waved at them. Sharla hated them they were all about being scene and noticed and that wasn't what she was all about.

    "You know Lisa wants you to join this year. She says your a pretty gem stuck in the dirty isn't that a sweet compliment" Amanda said smiling. "Yea very nice and backhanded" They both laughed. "Well I guess this is where we say our goodbyes until this all is over. Text me all the juicy summer gossip you hear" Sharla said to Amanda as she walked away blowing each other air kisses.

    Sharla got her purse and walked on to get her I.D. done. It was quick and over and now she had to get the long awaited Schedule. The line was split into more lines based on the first letter of your last name. All the lines were long but the V-Z line was only 17 people. "If only I was that lucky".
  6. Thorain noticed that the lines were split up by last name with a lot of people in the first few. "Guess I'm pretty lucky" Throain thought to himself and he took his time getting in line which was quickly getting smaller. In not time he'd get his schedule and be on his way.
  7. As Sharla stood in line people were rushing by. Someone pushed her in the crowed causing her purse to slip from her shoulder and fall to the floor. All her things went rolling all over the floor. "Shit..uh" Sharla said chasing her things she had retrieved them all but her I.D. she just received.

    "Fuck where could it have sled to" Sharla said trying to pen point where it could have went. She was surly loosing her spot in line now.
  8. Thorian was just leaving his line looking at the crappy schedule he had been handed when he saw an eyeliner roll past. Looking around he saw a girl who had her head turned away from him looking for her stuff. Thorian picked up the eyeliner and also saw a new I.D on the ground. He figured it must've belonged to the new girl and so he reached for it reading the name. "This must be your stuff. You know it's funny but I met a Sharla a while back in the country."
  9. Sharla turned around to see Thorian. She noticed him right away "Um...hi. Again". She took the I.D. giving him a staring looking. What was he doing here? Didn't he know summer flings were just summer flings. Your not supposed to run into them again. She couldn't believe it. She poked his arm to make sure he was real and he was. After she figured this wasn't a dream she had to flea "Goodbye" she said then got back in her line. Maybe he was just here for something but not to stay or to go to school. Still forgot her eyeliner but she didn't care. She just didn't want to walk back over there.
  10. Sharla had been pretty quick to get going and Thorian wasn't sure if it was him or she was running late. He did however know how to take a hint and decided to give her space. He simply replied , "bye then." And headed to the library.
  11. Sharla took out her phone and texted Amanda Sharla walked to the library to meet Amanda. Her class schedule seemed to be a little relaxed this year and she even got Drama this year. Books weren't a big problem for most of the students that went to this school. Money wasn't a problem for them. Sharla made it to the library but Amanda hadn't made it yet so she went in to find a table to wait for her.

    OMG he is here!!!

    Amanda: Who? :-/

    Thorian the guy from this summer I told you about

    Amanda: Wow. looks like the school is going to be in your favor this year. On my way to the library meet you there. Then we can talk xoxo

    Ok just got my schedule. on my way :)

    Sharla walked to the library to meet Amanda. Her class schedule seemed to be a little relaxed this year and she even got Drama this year. Books weren't a big problem for most of the students that went to this school. Money wasn't a problem for them. Sharla made it to the library but Amanda hadn't made it yet so she went in to find a table to wait for her.
  12. Thorian had gotten most of his books. He had to fight for the last chemistry book but eventually got it. Writing and history had to many books showing not many people had picked those classes. He was just finishing up and heading out when he saw her. Sharla was there again texting someone. Thorian decided to just head out the exit hoping she wouldn't see him. "she might think I'm stalking her."
  13. ((I forgot to delete the top part lol))

    Amanda finally came she rushed through the door so fast she bumped into Thorian. "I'm so sorr-" she was cut off as she realized him "your the new guy in my building right?" Amanda said smiling
  14. (lol i figured but no worries).

    Thorian was so focused on not being seen he didn't look where he was going. Bumping into another student he started apologizing when he noted how cute she was. She then asked him something he wasn't expecting. "uhh i probably am. I haven't seen you around though. You've seen me?"
  15. "Yea i have I think you live in the apartments below me. I have one of the top floor apartments. So your a student here too" Amanda said pointing at one of his
  16. "Hmm do I?" Thorain asked, he was surprised he hadn't even noticed her. He then replied, "Yeah I just started so hopefully it goes good. What about you? You must be a student here right?"
  17. "Yeah me and my friend. I'm actually a pink blossom. That's one of the big Sorority's around here ,very well known. Amanda by the way" Amanda said. Sharla couldn't wait for Amanda any longer so she decided to start searching for her books. Just as she walked past them. Amanda noticed her "OH Hey Sharla over here". Sharla waved smiling and came over.

    "This is the new guy in my building I was telling you about." She said as she bumped Sharla with her hip. "This is my best friend Sharla." She said smiling but then remembered I didn't ask your na-"

    Sharla cut her short answering the question "Thorian that's his name. I met him in line" Sharla gave Amanda a look. The Amanda understood this was the Thorian.
  18. As Thorian followed Amanda to her friend he forgot he was supposed to be leaving. That all came crashing down when Amanda brought him right over to Sharla. He then put two and two together and knew this was going to be awkward as it could be. As Sharla said his name all he could say was, "Yeah that's me. Anyways I should probably get going. I gotta find out where my classes are. It was nice to see you two."
  19. Amanda ran after Thorian " having a party tonight at the Cube club you should come. Besides classes don't start until another day so you should be down to party."
    Amanda ran back to Sharla. Dragging her into the Library.

    "OMG.thats himmm omg he's so gorgeous. I didn't know you were into Country men." Amanda laughed. Sharla playfully pushed her "Its not like that. He was just nice to me that's all". Sharla did like Thorian but she had bad experiences with men and she had learned that just because someone is nice to you doesn't mean they like you. With all the things happening with her family doing that summer it was just nice to have someone to forget all the things with and that was what Thorian was. A small getaway from reality.

    "Well I invited him to the party. So wear that new red dress that shows of your titts because summer has come back to visit." Amanda said picking up a book. Those last words rang in Sharla's head "summer has come to visit, summer has come to visit, summer has come to visit"
  20. Thorian found some of his classes very hurriedly. He was a little distracted by the fact that he had just been invited to a party by someone he hardly knew. As such he had to run back home and unpack. The rest of his day was a quick blur as he got everything out of it's boxes and placed it somewhere. Eventually he had finished and was taking a break while trying to decide what to wear.

    Thinking about it, he didn't even know where this club was, and he quickly Googled it. Finding the Cube club wasn't hard, it apparently was a big place to go and the directions were simple enough. He ironed out a long sleeve shirt and then decided to take a nap before heading over there in the night.
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